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As a foxbody driver that just spent the weekend in an s197 chassis I really have to say my chassis and suspension geometry is literally light years away from the s197. Pam I understand what your saying about the aero of a foxbody but let’s be honest the problem with our entire class is how we get the rear end to work. If you add 400lbs of downforce up front (way more then any foxbody splitter could ever do) that isn’t going to help the car work better in the rear, which after this weekend I learned is way more important to going fast. Furthermore downforce up front is nearly worthless if you don’t have the equivalent in the rear. Brian Long knows how to build a racecar and has had time to get that car worked out, he also seems to have a top notch engine with the trap speeds we saw at Indy. Why not work on getting these motors under control and let our narrow track width foxbody’s have 100lbs. Port volumes and intake manifolds would be a good start IMO

Steve Ott

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