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Default Car builds and fast drivers

Tom --

Recall that a quality build of a platform with a fast driver shows what the platform is really capable of. If there was nothing at the top in a Fox body for 15 years, no one until those two figured out what the quality build in a Fox is/was.

What I can say is that the former ASAC did do a lot of systems research on the Fox and found a lot to be had. And a lot of advantages that may or may not be reasonably obvious. For instance, the Fox has the best ability to build a functional splitter. When AS created all the chassis mod rules, the Fox body had a great opportunity to improve its chassis to the level of other AS cars. It also has a reasonably low (not the lowest in the class) drag coefficient and with a smaller cross sectional area, lower drag than many of the cars, aka, it has to push less air out of the way. And there is more the former ASAC figured out. I'm sure that Ed and Brian have figured it out as well.

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