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Hell yes he is a fast driver. That is 50% of the point. There are 2 fox's that are that developed. His, and Ed's. Both with guys who could jump into a different equally developed type of car, and also be bleeding fast. Hell, Ed did that with Chris P's car at Road America. He ran runoffs front runner qual times in a car not set up to suit his driving.

However, it was a VERY well built and prepped car.

That is the other 50%. The developed level of the car. My car is arguably the most trick of the V's. Drew, had he been in it, might have won last year. But then again, his car is also very, very developed, and he was outran by 2 different FP cars. Drew is a 1%er. When John Buttermore Jr, with multiple National Championships, says that "Drew is faster than I ever was" you can be pretty certain of the skill level.

Your car is not a 1%er. Just like I am far from a 1%er, skill wise. You need both to turn the types of times Brian did.

A number of people choose to believe we added the 100 pounds "just to keep Andy and John up front". That insults me. We had data. We compared the data. (We didn't do the scrubbing, it was overlaid and scrubbed by the National data tech). We based decisions on that.

Steve Ott just set a new track record at Pit in a Fox.

We, the old Adhoc, did not put in SMG. We did not give cams to already front running cars. We did not play favorites. I guess that is why the old Ad hoc was disbanded by the new, "friends and family" CRB.

Now that the 100 pounds is out, are you going to come out and run?
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