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Default Balance of Performance

Matt --

Competition adjustments are not penalties. When you combine a fast driver with a well prepared platform, you find out what that combination can do. That combination enables BOP, in that, it shows what the very best of a platform is capable of. BOP is intended to balance among the platforms so that one or two do not become outliers in the class.

It would be remiss to approve a BOP based on only half of that combination. Such as, a less than fully prepared platform, or a driver still working on the up curve.

Such BOP adjustments, at least when I was involved, HAD to be based on data. That is why I asked what data was used for this decision, since, we have seen very little of this car/driver combo since the last BOP adjustment.

Now, having said all of that from the past, I can not speak to the now or the future of how BOP adjustments are made.

If you think there are cars that our currently outliers, write letters to the CRB/ASAC requesting a review of data.

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