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The CRB AS letter makes a lot of sense to me. My guess is the changes to AS will either save the class or accelerate its demise. IMO AS was on the path to a slow death anyway so let's see what happens now with SMG in and Gen 4 RP cars getting a power adder.

The $40K number gets thrown around as the cost of an SMG car, but I have a question. Is that the cost of a turn key pro built car or is that the cost of buying a used 4.6 Stang and all the parts to bolt on?

I know the following is like arguing about religion, but to me it has become obvious that Fox bodies have been shone the door. A number of Foxes have already left and the resent changes will only speed up that process. If the Foxes get their #200 wt break back the blood letting of Foxes cars might stop.

I have been running an AS Fox since 1994 and all in all it has been a great run for me.

Brian Mikes, LOL
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