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Default What i love

What particularly stands out for me is the last paragraph:

"The combination of a simple, inexpensive package, that can be run out of the box, are the main selling points that brought in the idea of the Spec Mustang, not its class killing competitiveness."

We'll, I guess the Bod and CRB feel that $35,000 - $40,000 SMG cars are an inexpensive package. And I love the composition of the thoughts so that the SMG wasn't classified for "its class killing competitiveness" haha...boy, who writes their stuff.

Do you think anyone on the BoD or CRB even saw a SMG run here in the SFR?

Bottom line is in the short term it's only going to effect the top end of the pyramid of AS racers..the rest of us will continue to have fun racing wherever in the field we are without spending $40k on an AS car.
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