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I'm not on FaceSpace as much, but found this post was referenced in the last SCCA Apex Newsletter/road racing email:
American Sedan welcomes Spec Mustang in 2019, and finds early success:

The fan favorite V8 American muscle class that has given us some of our best racing is looking ahead to attract the next generation of racer. The popular Spec Mustang Car was welcomed into the class as a turn key Restricted Prep classification. It starts life as a 2005-2010 Mustang chassis, powered by a stock 4.6 L powertrain, and adds spec parts that anyone can buy, install, and race. It provides a much-needed low cost pathway for any driver in AS to build and race, due to the fact that the chassis development is complete and detailed in the rules. It parallels the Restricted Prep Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers that use stock powertrains brought into AS back in 2012 as a competitive low-cost option. The SMG formula, however, takes it one step further by listing the parts that are to be used: from the brakes, wheels, shocks, and all suspension parts (see GCR Appendix for its straightforward ruleset).

While the foundation of the class is well known carbureted full prep cars with higher power levels, the committee saw an opportunity to provide another competitive option for those that prefer the simplicity of stock fuel injected motors. A preview of the action was seen at the January 2019 Sonoma Majors race. Each version of AS car, Full prep, Restricted Prep, and a pair of two new SMG cars were entered. While the SMG platform driven by Clark Nunez won both races, the racing was excellent, and will go a long way to create close racing action as each platform has different strengths that show at different areas of the track. The committee has utilized four years of data in classing the platform, as the SMG has been classed in T2 for years and will continue to be. This will give a driver who is interested in running multiple classes in a weekend a great option. This, along with the backbone of ground pounding Full Prep cars and the Restricted Prep cars, will give any AS competitor a pathway to enjoy some of the best V8 racing anywhere.

When you hear the rumble of a V8 at the next race, you’ll want to watch out for more great American Sedan racing.
That was posted on 17-Jan...probably about the same time the AS request to reverse the decision letters started arriving in the BoD inbox.

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