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For the record I had not received an email from this person and when Pam let me know about it I reached out to them to get them signed up on the forum since that's what it sounded like they were after. They declined to do so at this time. I edited Pam's post only to remove the email addresses. Nothing else was changed.

I had a great passion for AS and the SCCA in general at one point. If it were not for the great amount of joy I get hanging out with and helping one of my very best friends Mike McGinley race his Corvette I would have bailed on this hobby already. With someone who has two AS eligible cars sitting around and the ability to redirect disposable income to jumping back in one I have to say that something like this abrupt decision puts me even further away from the possibility of that ever happening. There's more too but honestly I don't feel like getting into it.

Will be looking for someone to take over this URL (website) soon. More to come on that.

Cheers to the friends I have made and all the AS racers I have had the pleasure to be around or talk to!
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