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Default From an SMG Driver/Owner

This is an email exchange I received today. He wants to remain anonymous but wanted his words posted.

I recommend reading from the bottom up.


************************************************** **********
On 1/19/2019 2:36 PM, SMG Mustang wrote:
I’d rather not say. The SMG guys are kinda split on which they want to do and I don’t want anyone mad at me. I tried to join asedan net to post but hadn’t heard from Jeff. I already heard unofficial that SMG did not get approved at the meeting this weekend. So everyone is going to be mad now on all fronts. That makes even less sense because we thought touring wanted us while asedan did not. Good day.

Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: SMG in AS

Who is the author of the below? Please put a name to this and I will be happy to respond. Thanks, Pam Richardson

P. S. I did hear a rumor that the car would be classed in T3, but, that
they couldn't do it quickly enough for that Race Memo, which made no
sense to me. Looks like the SMG drivers need to write letters to the
BOD as well (

On 1/19/2019 1:51 PM, SMG Mustang wrote:

pam. i never got responde from jeff so i figure you next.
*Sent:* Friday, January 18, 2019 at 1:21 PM
*Subject:* SMG in AS
jeff we know as is mad about smg in as. smg is mad also. smg actually
wants to go to t3 so we were all caught by suprise by the as thing.
it was posted on facebook touring site that the crb had reviewed smg
to t3 and waited to talk about it at the convention setting. the crb
soliticited every1 opinion on smg to t3 and we ALL sent in letters.
the committee recommended positive. but then they wanted to hear from
t3 drivers that were already in the class. we have heard from peopple
in th eknow and fello racers that that was very much received well so
we were all expecting to move to t3 soon. i wanted to tell you this
because i know every1 is mad in as but also we are holding out our
hopes and desires that we will be in t3 which is what we wanted and
appears they want us too. i hafe read that the as comm didnt want us
in as but have heard touring does so anyway wnted you to know. we are
also mad bvecause it seems like it is taking to long and we are
missing or will miss events for what seems like a nobrainer since the
comunity and commitee seems positive. i am not sure if t3 and as both
are allowed where every1 will race. have a blessed day.

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