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Originally Posted by 86notch View Post
I saw Tom this weekend at a regional at summit, he was crewing for a new member of Asedan. He made an effort to come see me before leaving and After seeing Tom's in car video it definitely helped clarify some of the on track incidents. In my opinion it is not quite as cut and dry as what most of us were hearing post race... I am doing what I can to get the video clip up of Tom's car as to let everyone make their own opinions and I'm thankful that I'm not one of the people having to make the decision, definitely not a malicious for 40 minutes straight as it seemed...

Does anybody have video of the alleged contact between Andy and Tom? If so is it posted? It would be relevent to this thead to be able to make an informed decision. I no longer race but can certainly understand the frustration of dealing with SCCA officials, especially at the "Runoffs", where there is always so much to regulate and so many regulators to deal with.

Michael Besselman
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