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Tom passed me, and the cars in front of me cleanly. The drive back to the front of the field isn't my issue. Yes he had some contact, but that isn't necessarily his "fault".

My issue is, and always will be the deliberate stop, backup and wait.

When I watch my in car, Tom had just stopped at the top of the hill, drivers right, almost all the way over.

When I come around on the next lap, he is in the wall at the bottom of the hill.

The spectator video doesn't lie, in between those two locations he backed down the hill, steering so that he could see the corner in his mirror, and then took off and rammed.

That is deliberate and pre meditated.

The "it was an accident, my tie rod was broken" is a lie, in an attempt to mitigate his actions. If it had been broken, he would not have made it down the straight, around turn 4, up the hill, then back down the hill.

If it was an accident, there would have been brake lights. No brake lights.

That is the basis for my letter. Everything else is just spin.
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