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Converting a T2 car to AS means you must retain the T2 drive train. If the car was not legal for T2, it would not be legal for AS. I do not believe you could take a V6 car and convert it to become a legal T2 car. I may be wrong on that, but I don't think so. Anyway, I agree with CB, I doubt the amount of work would be worth it, in any case.

both T2 and AS list the CTS-V. In my opinion, the V6 car is not a CTS-V and therefore would not be allowed in either class.
Thanks for all of the responses guys. Jim I was pretty sure what you said above about a converted car not being legal in T2 and therefore not legal as an AS car. But I was looking for a little clarification from those that are used to interpreting the rules. The only foggy part for me was that I'm sure there are a few converted V6 AS cars out there, and I figured as long as you used all legal CTS-V parts....

Anyways a little add-on question, what wiring modifications are allowed to in this class? In a V could you run a stand-alone harness and ECM while getting rid of the BCM and other modules and wireing? Thanks again guys, Keith.
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