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Welcome Keith. Phoenix builds a nice car. Depending on how long the F body has been off the track, it will need some updating to be successful in T2 as that class has changed a lot in the past 3-5 years.

As far as the conversion from a V6 CTS to a will not be cost effective for you to do that. You would have to change out all the drivetrain, electronics, computers, brakes, fuel delivery system etc. You would be fighting bugs for the first few seasons. John Buttermore is a friend of mine and a GM Engineer. He successfully campaigned a CTS-V in T2 and knows more about them than anyone. His old car was purchased by Scott Sanda and will now be raced in T2 and AS. Mark and Jordan Sandridge races a pair of them at the Runoffs back in Ohio. Jordan was flipped and his car destroyed, Don Knowles got taken out in his CTSV........there were a bunch of other wrecks and Mark drove on to the win from 7th or 8th place. My .02.........I would not even consider converting a V6 car.
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