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Default AS (Limited Prep) Question

First off I want to say hello to all, my name is Keith. I have been lurking on this site for about a month learning about some of the different aspects of the AS class as I am looking to get involved in club racing in the 2012 season. Right now I am in search of what class and what car I would like to run.

My two best options right now is a T2 prepped 01 Formula built and campained by Phoenix who is literally right down the road from me. Like any of their cars cage and other fabrication is top notch but it is in the old T2 prep. From my readings this car would be legal as is but to be in the same time zone as an AS car it would need full bushings, sways, springs, shocks, and brakes. This car is appealing to me as I have a lot of spare parts for it from my built 98 T/A daily driver including but not limited to (front contol arms, rear arms, brake booster&master, wheels, etc.)

My other option is a damaged 05 V-6 CTS that a friend of mine has a line on for real cheap. This car appeals to me as my girlfriend's summer DD is an 04 CTS-V which is now eligable as a limited prep car. I love the way this car handles and although I don't have any spares for this car it would be fun as hell.

The big question with the CTS is I don't know if it would be legal to take a V-6 car and using factory CTS-V parts make it a V. I know a good bit about the V's so I know how much of a hassle it would be to convert it as far as locating parts and the like so that is not my question. My question is whether or not it is legal to start with a V-6 car and am I allowed to run a stand alone ecu and totally rewired car. This may be a question for someone that knows more about T-2 cars but I like how friendly and knowledgeable you guys are so I figured I would start here.

If anyone can think of any rule snaffu's I could run into with said conversion please let me know and you can be as long-winded and thorough as me, I don't mind. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreiciated and thanks in advance. Keith

PS: Just thought about if it would be OK to ditch the Drive-By-Wire throttle body in favor of a cable unit or if I would need to maintain the OE throttle body with the stand alone?
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