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Default Like the song says "money, money, money"

Hi, Jim and everyone,
It seems evident from the direction the new AS hierarchy is taking with the SMG classification and then adding competition adjustments to bring all the OG A Sedans up to their level of competitiveness that you all are in for a long and expensive escalation of the class prep levels.

RP is steadily moving toward full prep if the GM Hot Cam is allowed for the 4th Gen F bodies. Who's next? For those that are Runoffs goal oriented I don't think it's going to be a stable class for the next few years, if ever, and who would want to get into a class with the type of leadership that advocates a constantly moving level of preparation target? And not only ignores the current drivers base desires and input but simply go their own way such as the SMG fiasco.

Personally it doesn't matter. I'm just going to be running San Francisco Region regionals at Laguna Seca and Sears Point. There were 2 other AS cars that raced in the SFR Regionals last year. Three more racers have made plans to run in 2019 in AS. We're all AARP card carrying members with deep pockets but no desire to go to the Runoffs. We're going to race each other and have fun. Let the Runoffs goal oriented drivers have their own fun. Let the SMG/AS cars have the wins and trophies. We'll stick with enjoying each others company on and off the track.

Sorry, once I get typing I have a hard time keeping myself contained to my original subject, which is a reply to Jim's post.

Here's some personal data on the LS1 RP Camaro engine with and without the Hot Cam.

My 1999 RP Camaro has a 2004 crate engine that was just rebuilt to spec. The results at the tuner's shop on his Dynojet was: Max Power 356.29 Max torque 342.83.

A friend has a 2001 Camaro that he open tracks and has considered turning into an AS car. The only internal modification to the LS1 was a Hot Cam install. He runs a cold air box and a cat back system but otherwise his money was spent on the suspension. His results with the same tuner on the same dyno six weeks earlier was Max power: 408.45 and Max torque 389.40. With a better exhaust system look for more hp. If anyone wants to see the dyno sheets I'll be glad to post them as a point of information.

The claims of 40+ rear wheel horsepower seem very accurate, maybe even a bit low depending on the tune.

So let the horsepower and money wars begin. I think maybe we'll just form our own regional AS group in the it A Sedan Stock (ASS, as in where the CRB has their head).
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