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Default Here's the problem

Hi, Andy. I agree. No question new blood is needed in AS. Usually classes grow from the grassroots for the most part and the entries fill out the end and mid pack as they enjoy the class. One problem I see with adding SMG is that anyone wanting to join AS in a SMG Mustang is a build cost of $30k to $40k. And not knowing what rules change there may be once the SMG in AS gain a data base. There are around a dozen existing SMG many of those are going to run AS? Maybe 2-3 based on knowing some of the people and their goals....the rest are fine running around in their own SMG group..afterall that's why they started the class instead of running AS.

IMHO adding SMG is not going to add new blood but instead create a "blood letting" among current AS members.

So, have you been specing out a SMG build for the Runoffs?
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