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I get most of it.

I actually posed a question, which was: If you put on a venturi type restrictor like I run in TA2, and size the airflow for a target max HP, How much does non legal fiddling around with the manifold and ports impact output.

There will always be someone, somewhere, that gets more power than someone else, but there would be a limit based on choked flow.

The only thing I know is an actual fact: On my TA2, I dyno'd the flat plate (4 1.250 inches holes) back to back with the new restrictor (5 .5 inch tall venturi's with a 1.250 min and a short straight wall at the min) and the car picked up HP and torque, with no other changes or adjustments.

So the corollary to the question is: What size supports "AS" level power and then chokes it off? 1 inch? .9? 1.125?

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