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The clutch material departed the disk on one side.
The car definitely needs a dead pedal (amongst other things, like new wiring, etc)
The clutch was fully engaged about 1/3 of the way up from the floor. I was very conscious of putting my foot on it while driving... The first inch or so of pedal travel took ounces of force, so I highly doubt I was generating any pressure in the system, but still, a dead pedal in in order. It was a RAM HD clutch with organic material on both sides. It was 4 events old. Flywheel looked fine. I took some emery to it for good measure, threw a new motorsport PP and RAM sintered disk in and ran again Sunday. A driveline vibration loosened the shifter linkage and we DNF'd again... I think it's the Quartermaster driveshaft, which I've had vibration problems with from day 1. Chris was nice enough to let me throw the car up on the lift in his trailer which made the change pretty easy. Both days were a blast though as we had people to race with for both events. I was just happy the car finally stops ! Up till now my tow vehicle stopped better !
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