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Default WTB - GForce/Astro/Liberty/Etc AS-Legal GM T5

Hi all - I figure this is a bit of a long shot, but couldn't hurt to ask.

I'm trying to resurrect an old AS 1985 Camaro that's been out of service for 15+ years and get the car back on the track where it belongs. The car came with a non-WC T5 in unknown condition, and even if it's in perfect shape, I can't imagine it will last long with this newbie behind the wheel.

My ultimate goal is to swap an AutoGear M23 into the car, but the ancillary costs of the conversion mean it would delay getting the car done and getting seat time. My hope was that someone that's upgraded to a T-10 or AutoGear may have an upgraded T5 from GForce, Astro, Liberty's, etc. that's available for sale. We both win - I can free up some budget (for now) to get the car finished sooner, and I'd be able to put some bucks in your pocket towards the 2017 season.

I'm located in Webster, NY and have both UPS and freight contacts through my business, so getting it shipped shouldn't be much of an issue. Let me know what you have?

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