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There is no way I am trying to be secretive. I am asking everyone to wait until 11/4 to get answers to these questions, as I need to wait for approval of letters on the CRB agenda. That call is 11/1, and the Prelims should be posted by Friday, 11/4.

Current members of the ASAC can be found on, by logging on as a member, going to the Boards and Committees area and checking it out there. There is contact info there for every member, save Dave Venhaus, who, has been a member since summer, but, the website has not been updated (I will send an email to do this).

The ASAC is recommending to the CRB that Philip Smith and Scott Sanda be liaisons to the committee. The committee will need to pick their own leader. I have encouraged them to do so within 2 weeks (like by next week sometime).

Often, the ASAC starts threads to get people's feel for things and/or to help forum members understand to watch for things coming soon.

As for "sweeping changes", that has never been the plan. Whatever the Ad Hoc comes up with, they will also be asked for the timing of their recommendations. The ASAC then needs to review/approve or not the recommendations, then the CRB, then the BOD. The Ad Hoc is looking into the future, so things will not happen one day to the next.

Your patience is requested as we go through the proper procedures.

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