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Originally Posted by PamRichardson View Post
At this point, I have no idea what the Ad Hoc will decide in terms of the future and how to keep the class healthy (I will not be on the committee). They have not held their first meeting. Their membership will be announced in the next Prelims (11/4 ish), should the CRB approve the letter on 11/1. At that point, if anyone has ideas, I encourage them to send the ideas to one of the members.

As for competition adjustments, as I said before, as soon as we have completed our research (and there are a few paths in progress), and the letters are approved by the CRB (aka they will appear in a Fastrack), I will alert everyone here to that.


I'll give you guys credit for being pro active but a little more transparency would be helpful. Such as.

Who are the members of the new ad hoc committee?

Who are the current members on the asac committee?

I know Philip is leading it. Is he on both asac and ad-hoc committees?

How can they be contacted?

Why start a thread to generate interest only to be told to basically wait and see?

All we can see is what Tom and Philip posted with regards to third gen gm cars? You might be doing good things but you are continuing on the "secret car club of America" culture that I've never liked.

I see a couple newbies jumping in. That's great but if you have sweeping changes coming keep them informed before they spend their hard earned dollars only to have their cars obsoleted. I really hope you have the big picture scoped out. Good luck
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