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I appreciate your opinions about this stuff.
Just a couple of comments. Our region still sends out a monthly newsletter, with coverage of Solo, Racing and Rally. (As does the Nebraska region, which sends me one, as well). Both are also available on line, in a very timely manner. Both are a product of great volunteers from the Kansas City and Nebraska regions, who do all of the work.

The paper GCR is a dinosaur, which is out of date before it leaves the printer. We now have an up to date GCR, on-line a few days after the various committees and boards have made their decisions.

I was disappointed in the amount of the tow money check this year.

On the podium, where you a Red Line user? They give $1,000 driver's suits for podium finishers. At least they did, when I got my 3rd at HPT.

I do think the SCCA could do more for the Division champions. I will pursue this within the CRB. There really is nothing from SCCA national office, except for a couple of "Division Champion" patches. Each division provides the trophies for champs within the division. They vary, from division to division.

Our racing costs keep going up, but so do the costs for running SCCA. We are all in it together.

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