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Tim White 01-10-2019 05:47 PM

Should SMG be allowed in AS?
Just an informal poll on the subject.

PamRichardson 01-10-2019 06:00 PM

I have followed/worked this since it was "pushed" on the SCCA in 2013-14, because the cars wanted to run at Laguna.

I spent CRB secretary time updating their rules.

They are still classed in T2, but, wanted a slower class to go to, because they felt they were not competitive. They asked to go into T3 (and a year earlier to STU -- STU drivers did not want them either). When I was last around hearing the arguments, T3 drivers were concerned they would be too fast for T3. They really don't fit into any class we currently have, but, for some reason, the new CRB decided to put them into AS with a Race Memo. Don't know if the new ASAC was informed or not.

I say no, and will so state in a letter tomorrow to the ASAC. I will post my ASAC letter above for all to see, which will tell you why I think the answer is no.


mlanglin2007 01-15-2019 10:42 AM

Pam - good letter, but I'm thinking it will not make any difference, unfortunately. It seems that the plan is to revamp the class with RP/more current cars. Based on Sonoma results, it appears that the SMG cars can win fairly easily on "handling" tracks - older FP cars would probably still win on tracks that put more of a premium on horsepower.

That said, this development is going to freeze everyone in place for some time - no one will be spending any real money on existing cars, and anyone considering the class will have to step back and figure out which way to go. Existing car owners are now going to have to look at other clubs/venues.

I'm not that well versed in the rules, but shouldn't this big of a change have had significantly more discussion? I wasn't really that aware of previous attempts to fold in SMG (I was out of racing at the time), but based on your letter, the feelings of the group at that time were clear.

PamRichardson 01-15-2019 11:52 AM

I am a big fan of asking the community what they want. Always have been. I am no longer the chair of the ASAC or on the committee.

How the CRB and ASAC conduct business is up to the current staff of both committees. They will decide when to, or not, consult the community.


kbsmith1 01-15-2019 04:32 PM

BTW, I voted no, only because there wasn't a 'hell no' option.

This is a farce by SCCA. Probably going to need to find some other sanctioning body to race with after this BS again.

Chump Car, Lucky Dog, International Conference of Sports Car Clubs?

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