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jimwheeler 11-12-2010 05:12 PM

Abu Dhabi dabba do
Q tomorrow morning for Sunday's final F1 race of the season. Who is going to be world champion?

jackmartin 11-12-2010 07:04 PM

Bernie & Brian France are the Real Winner$. Everyone else just gets a prize.

KW78 11-12-2010 07:33 PM


What a weekend for my sh!ty DVR to be having problems... ugh...

I am pulling for Webber, because I'm really hoping to still be fast when I am his age... (Ok when I've been racing as long as he has... almost the same thing).

But, I am a ferrari fan ever since Ford spanked them... but at least they were competitive (Ya know... vs. GM :sneaky:)


PatWilmot 11-12-2010 08:12 PM

Vettel! You know, cuz he's beatin the OLD guys!!:D

jimwheeler 11-12-2010 09:15 PM

Vettel might end up being like some other young guys. He might not show up.

Danny"TheKid"Richardson 11-13-2010 04:39 PM


CharlieR 11-13-2010 06:11 PM

F1 title race
Vettel has got the pole position, the youth, and all of Germany (and me) screaming for him...
Hamilton qual'd 2nd, but could only win title if disaster struck the other 3, but he has Nicole Scherzinger waiting for him in the pits, so he's just fine...
Alonso only needs a 2nd to win the title, and with his ego and Forza Ferrari behind him...
Webber would deserve it if he could get it, but he had a bad qual.

I like Ferrari, but can't take Alonso's complaining...

Should be a great first lap to watch!

- Charlie

"The winner ain't the one with the fastest car,
it's the one who refuses to lose." - Dale Earnhardt

PatWilmot 11-13-2010 07:21 PM

Very nice Wheel. Nicely done.

jimwheeler 11-13-2010 08:28 PM

Pat, I am sure we will race together next season. It will be my pleasure to finally meet you.


PatWilmot 11-14-2010 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by jimwheeler (Post 25457)
Pat, I am sure we will race together next season. It will be my pleasure to finally meet you.


Most definitely. I like this friendly rivalry that we all have! The pleasure is mine though. BTW, could you PM me your number, my Dad had a couple questions for you rules wise.

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