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jimwheeler 07-22-2021 03:05 PM

Due to multiple reasons, too boring with which to burden you, I will be missing the Runoffs. I did not race last season, at all, for the first time since 1975 - because, well everyone knows the reason. This season, I was ready to rock, but racing is always an iffy proposition, and this year the iffy-s got me. Not sure about next year, as VIR is a monster tow, but I am keeping my options open. At Heartland, two weeks ago I had a great weekend with wins and records, but not like the old days. I will be 76 on the Runoffs weekend, and it is getting harder to do all the lugging and toting that is involved with this sport. What I need is a minion, who wants to race and will take entries, track time, fuel, tires and cash to take the physical burden. Like a lot of businesses, it is not easy to find that person. Anyone in MiDiv who wants to be a race car driver, bubba, do I have a deal for you.

PbFoot 07-22-2021 10:20 PM

Wheel, I hear you brother. In the past couple of years all of my race stuff feels like it weighs twice as much as in the past. My biggest negative for continuing with Club racing has been the tow. My shortest tow is 800 miles round trip and most are over 1000. I have been towing to races for 35 years and the traffic just keeps getting worse. I'm pretty beat by the time I get to the track. I have always been a one man band and unfortunately father time is catching up with me.

rx555 07-27-2021 06:08 AM

Up to 22 and I presume Heinricy will still sign up.
Anybody know what happened to Bryan Long? He was so fast there the first time. Also curious about some of last year's entrants who haven't signed up like Lubash, Regan, Wheaton, or West.
We do have quite a few from Cali this time, though, compared to last year.

And Jim, you might get more interest if you don't call them a minion :) Maybe try team mate?

Tim White 08-03-2021 10:58 AM

We've reached 25 entries. As far as the Runoffs class tracking we are down to needing 24. If all 25 entries show up then we will achieve the necessary number. There are also 3 more Majors, this doesn't seem to be an issue for next year. If we stay at 4.7 cars per event this year hopefully it puts us in a better position next year. Last year put us in a hole this year, ending 2020 at 3.7 cars per event.

PamRichardson 08-08-2021 05:29 PM

28 entries!
We now have 28 entries for Indy! More than 13 other SCCA classes!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Pam Richardson

rx555 08-11-2021 12:55 AM

I was kinda hoping T1 would only get 12-ish cars. But 25 will make quali interesting watching mirrors if they're ten seconds difference on lap times.
I'll need to take quali a little more serious than I have in the past and try to get up to speed quicker rather than my normal wait til the last lap of the last session :)

rx555 08-24-2021 07:06 AM

Apparently they revised the Supps again on 8/9. Change was minimal. In rally, we can only put the Supps out once and any changes have to go in numbered bulletins. We shouldn't have to get 9 versions of them. Who would I make that suggestion to?

I did notice on another forum that the out lap for Quali is different from what we normally do. FCY means no passing which might catch somebody out.

5.17. Out Lap/Pace Lap Procedures:
5.17.1. Qualifying: For all qualifying sessions, the course will be Full Course Yellow on the out lap until Turn 10. Cars going considerably slower and holding up other cars may be subject to penalty. The Turn 10 flag station will display a green flag on the qualifying out lap to indicate the start of green course conditions. The full course will be green once the lead car passes start/finish. Scrubbing tires and impeding the progress of other drivers after Turn 10 on the out lap is considered blocking.

rx555 09-24-2021 01:35 AM

See everybody there next week. No test day for me and will get there Monday afternoon. Car is all ready. Had several withdrawals overall but we're still at 31 which I'm glad to see.

Mustang Alli 10-02-2021 09:51 AM

Runoffs Live on YouTube
You can watch the American Sedan race on YouTube today and chat there also. AS Race starts about 1:10 minutes in.
Spoiler: Someone wins and it’s an exciting finish.

Qualifying time indicate we could have a tight group up front. Be safe out there and have fun everyone:clap:

Allison Palitz
AS #82
‘87 Mustang

gtofastpontiac 10-10-2021 09:19 PM

finally have time to post my runoffs week. tuesday went out and had some misfiring seemed down on power, came in checked a few things nothing out of the ordinary, also my transmission kept popping out of 3rd so i had to hold it in for quali and race, do not reccomend. wednesday went out for quali and still felt down on power came in and pulled the spark plugs again. except 1 was missing the electrode tip, check the piston and everything looked good. put a new plug in and did a hardship lap, everything looked good after thinking it was just a manufacturing defect. the race start was interesting saw a bunch of brake lights and the center lane was open so i went for it was able to gain 9 positions before turn 1, trying to race one handed was a challenge. on lap 5 went into turn 1 and hit the brakes and my rear caliper locked up, which pretty much ended my race. will be looking to replace the stock rears with something better.

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