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PamRichardson 02-15-2022 12:25 PM

Status of Full Prep Engines
Thought I would pass this along to everyone. I sent a letter to the CRB/ASAC in 9/21 and got the answer back in 1/22 about engine blocks, and my suggestion of aftermarket blocks was rejected. But, IMHO, the situation has gotten worse. So, I have been in touch with every leadership avenue I can think of to alert them to the problems in the hopes that something can be done in 2022. Most of my research has been on the GM engines (SBC), but, I have talked to a number of Ford colleagues and the situation is not much better with Ford. Ford drivers chime in!

1. Blocks -- For at least a year and a half there have been no SBC blocks of any type (part of a 604 engine, for the street, or bowtie). As far as I know, GM stopped using them in cars in 1977, so it makes getting a used block VERY problematic. They are getting very scarce, and often come with a crack or two. GM often contracted with Dart or World Products to make GM blocks. As far as I can tell, GM is backing away from the SBC for business reasons and sending the SBC market to the aftermarket. At the Runoffs, the GM rep could not indicate when they might start producing the blocks again. My guess is never.

2. The just posted GM heads that the CRB/ASAC wants regional racers to test are not available. Probably the same process as #1. One of them has a new part number (not listed in the GCR), and that part number is not available. As you all know, the Edelbrock "SCCA American Sedan " head has not been available for several years. And I'm guessing that the old stock GM cast iron heads are relegated to junkyards now as well.

Bottom line: No 604s, no OEM blocks, no OEM heads, no Edelbrock heads. No one can build a new (to them) full prep engine, unless they get really lucky and find something after a long, dedicated search.

I highly recommend and support adding Dart and Word Products blocks to our rules. I have heard Edelbrock wants to talk, I encourage that as well, or other aftermarket head manufacturers.

If you agree, I recommend sending a letter of support for these changes to the CRB/ASAC.


Ken Felice 02-15-2022 12:50 PM

Full prep
Pam you are exactly correct. I think the only way to build an engine is after market.I gave John Blancherd pages from Dart cat. of a ford head and Chevy that fit our needs. Never heard a word. Happens that those heads are catalog

Ken Felice

Browntw 02-16-2022 09:22 AM

Status of Full Prep Engines
I am currently in the same situation. We have been waiting since October for Ford to ship us a block, When we started to press them for delivery, we were told that IF production resumes for these it would still be about a year. We need an avenue for parts. I have sent a letter to the CRB as well.

Tim White 02-17-2022 04:47 PM

Unfortunately everything is delayed. I'm not sure when my engine will be completed, waiting on rod bearings that have been on back order since December. Hopefully soon, the first race is right around the corner.

PbFoot 02-17-2022 07:32 PM

It took me 5 months to get a set of headers. The supply chains are all messed up.

PamRichardson 02-18-2022 08:21 AM

Tom and Tim --

I agree that parts now are outrageous in terms of getting them. VERY hard. I see it everywhere as well.

However, I've also heard the rumblings about GM and Ford moving away from what they can transfer to the aftermarket, aka, racing parts.

In this case, we have both blocks and heads not available, some because of the standard problem of getting stock parts, and some because of the problem of getting racing parts, and some because we need to reach out again to get a full prep head in place.

In May of 2021 we had one of our VERY old camshafts fail and we needed a complete new block. We replaced the cam in the other motor out of GPs. I spent from May till the Runoffs putting everything back together, researching new places to get parts, etc. We picked up the backup motor from the dyno 3 days before leaving for the Runoffs. I hope it improves soon, but, we are all behind the eight ball on the blocks and heads and I am hoping we can have a solution before the end of the year.


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