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Tim White 03-21-2019 03:29 PM

How long have you raced in AS?
Thinking about how the class has changed, how to improve it, etc. made me wonder if I'm the longest member still actively racing. I started racing in September of 1992.

PamRichardson 03-21-2019 04:01 PM

How long?
Got my license at Spring Drivers School at Summit Point. First outing for the car in AS form.


jimwheeler 03-21-2019 05:08 PM

My first SCCA race was in May of 1975 at Hutchinson, in an EP MGB. When I came back to SCCA, from off road and Pro Rally, in May of 1991. i was racing in ITB, with a BMW. That's when I first met Tim. I raced my first ASedan race in June of 1994 at Hallett. I have 239 races in ASedan, up to the Sonoma Runoffs.

mlanglin2007 03-21-2019 05:34 PM

First drivers school at Hutchinson, KS summer of 1972 in a Showroom Stock Sedan Pinto. Through the 1970s, I raced that, a Formula Ford, and a Spitfire. Ran some IMSA races and C/P in a 240z in the early 80s . Left, returned with AS in 1995. More "off" than "on" till 2015. I've run about a dozen A/S races since '15. Also, since late 2017, 5 WRL endurance races. I doubt that anyone can compete with Mr. Wheeler, though!

DBailey 03-21-2019 07:52 PM

I started with SCCA in 1970 building C,D and E production race cars and driving in testing. Bought my 3rd gen Camaro in 2005, The Firebird as a T2 car for Aaron in early 2006, I raced on and off from 2006 and Aaron in A/S since 2007
I sold both cars last year

Richard Pryor 03-21-2019 10:25 PM

I'm not sure it's something to brag about but....
So far I've been racing the longest. SCCA Drivers' School at Cotati, two weekends in January, 1969, just after turning 21. First race at Riverside in February, 1969, with a win in D Production in an Austin Healey and have been racing all sorts of cars ever since. First A sedan race was at Laguna in Herb Adams' AS Firebird in 1993. Latest one was last weekend at Thunderhill. Fifty years later it's still fun...and SCCA National still has its collective head up its collective ass. Some things never change.

smithpr 03-22-2019 07:52 AM

I feel like a child in this group. :bowdown: I rented an AS from Ed Settle in 2001 and been racing since then.

DHRMX5 03-22-2019 08:13 AM

I started in 89 in ICSCC in the NW. Switched to SCCA Showroom Stock racing in 93 when I realized Mazda would pay me to drive a Miata instead of the RX7. I have run FP, EP, SSA, SSB, T4, T3, STL, STU, T1, SM, and built cars for BSpec, T2, and AS for others to run. We aren't locked in to any class and will run cars in whatever class we find interesting.

I've been watching the AS class since it's inception in 92 (I think) but we only started running the AS class last year, and only because we could run the Coyote engine. Not interested in a traditional engined AS car.

kim mcdonald 03-22-2019 10:10 AM

I did my drivers school in Memphis in March of 2008 in a really under prepped camaro. Since then I've had a couple more 3rd gen camaros and am just about ready to race a 4th gen that I've been working on since last summer. I average about 12 races per year. I was a dirt racer from 1987 until 2007.

MarkMuddiman 03-23-2019 01:01 AM

I feel older, but some of you guys make me look like a kid. I hope I've got as much longevity.
Bought the Mustang in Feb 1988. Raced it SSGT through 1993.
Got it back on the track as AS in 1998, and have run it every year (except for 2011) since.
Haven't counted the number of events, but I'm close to filling up the 4th log book.

kbsmith1 03-28-2019 03:04 PM

Got my racinng license in 95 from ICSCC in the NW. DHRMX5, do we know each other? Racing a 82 camaro in ICSCC E Production, which is different than SCCA EP.

Started racing AS with ICSCC in April 97. Started racing AS with SCCA in 1998 or 2000, can't remember which. I've had two different AS cars, one a 1982 Camaro fom 1997-2007, and a 1993 Firebird from 2008 til now.

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