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08-12-2007, 11:10 PM
Ok folks just got home from Grattan. What a weekend with the heat and humidity with an awfully greasy track, every group complained that there cars were loose.
Tom Toth had the pole with his Sunoco (Hoosier Camaro) with Steve Hynes second and Jason Von.Kluge third. This was pretty much the race for the first three cars. Hynes took first going through turn 1 electing to follow Lance Knupp in his T1 Corvette with Toth and Jason in tow. Around lap 6 or 7 Jason found his way around Toth and began to put his sites on Hynes. At lap 9 or 10 Jason got to the inside going into 1 and outbraked Hynes taking the lead. Jason pulled out to about a one second lead but the lap times between Jason and Hynes would vary by 1 second each lap. Around lap 17 Jason was hard on the brakes going into 9 and Steve was able to pull up on his rear bumper. Coming up the hill and onto the front straightaway Jason and Steve were nose to tail with Jason pumping his brakes way before the 300ft marker going into one. Steve took advantage of this and passed Jason going into one with a substantial lead going into 4. Seems Jason had lost his brakes and had a caliper failure or hose rupture. Several laps later Tom Toth was able to get around Jason also, as Steve was way out in front by then. My apologies to the other guys who were also racing and I didnít mention as there was a lot of action also going on between the back markers also.
Finishing order.
Steve Hynes 1:28.356
Tom Toth 1: 27.733
Jason VonKluge 1:28.277
John Lechner 1:31.286
Scott Schweitzer 1:31.607
Mark Muddiman 1:31.514
David Ours 1:31.795
Congratulations :clap: to all on a fine run under extreme heat conditions.

08-12-2007, 11:15 PM
thanks Dwaine ... sounds like a hell of a race :clap:

08-13-2007, 09:55 PM
Jorge yes it was! Love the bumper to bumper stuff.