View Full Version : Beaverun National Results

David Pintaric
06-17-2007, 11:07 PM
Since I have a results sheet in front of me...

1. Tom Sloe (Mustang) 1:04.498
2. John Lechner (Mustang) 1:06.401
3. Jerry Post (Camaro) 1:06.811
4. Rich Stitcher (Camaro) 1:06.289
5. Pam Richardson (Camaro) 1:09.491
6. Tom Aquilante (Camaro) 1:07.486 (not running at finish)
7. J W Brewer Jr (Camaro) 1:08.125 (not running at finish)
8. Jerry Bartolomucci (Camaro) 1:07.449
9. Scott Lane (Mustang) 1:07.150

Tom A looked like his car got "tagged" by another competitor. I think it was a T1 car (no, not me).

Thanks guys for giving me breathing room out there; I hope my passes were "ok."

06-18-2007, 11:01 AM
Great job Tom Sloe on your win. I am still waiting on the promo pack for our website....

Just trying to make you famous so the girls will love ya' :laughing:

Patrick James