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05-28-2007, 11:31 PM
Here's my take on the Memphis National. Weather insanely hot and humid (I know, duh, it's Memphis dummy:ciao: ) but it still is May. Anyway, 5 AS cars showed up but only 4 ran for the weekend. Jude Rudder unfortunately is battling some kind of head issue, possibly warped or something so he was a spectator all weekend. Jim Stevens graciously helped him out all weekend.

The other four of us battled the heat, the machinery and ourselves. Saturday, only Scott Davie and myself went out for qualifying. Scott had a head gasket go and also broke a rocker arm stud. I had a freeze plug blow out of the driver's side head (interestingly a recurring problem!:confused: ). I was able to get a freeze plug back in and Scott went to work on his car. He thrashed and thrashed all day long and finally got it back together at about 10:00 that night.

The race was just Carey and I. He pulled well ahead of me and layed down a respectable 1:17.390. I, on the other hand, had a slow 1:20.254 and then the freeze plug blew out again. I pulled in for a DNF and Carey came in the lap afterwards for unknown reasons. Race was very uneventful.

Sunday morning brought all four cars out to play, Tom Himes from Louisana joined us and we qualified 7-10 on grid:

1. Carey Grant 1:16.734
2. Tom Himes 1:16.959
3. Scott Davie 1:17.537
4. Jon Ricker 1:18.958

The race was a good clean start. Jon got a little jump on Scott and beat him into turn 1 right behind Tom. Carey jumped out a couple of cars ahead of them. Scott was burning up Jon's ass for the next 5 or 6 laps then Scott decided that playing with his stick with no hands on the wheel at 100mph down the front straight was more fun than driving:laughing: In reality, his shift lever bolt came out and he had no way to grab a gear. In his infinite wisdom, he pulled the fire system pin and put it through the shift lever and it held on long enough for him to get a finish of 16 laps. He shifted only from third to fourth and back which may have contributed to another head gasket issue. Carey pulled in after 7 laps with unknown mechanical issues leaving Tom and I to fight out for the win. Tom ran into some transmission issues losing third gear thus his times dropped considerably. I had some brake issues and some driver overheating issues which slowed my times considerably, so basically Tom and I limped in for a one-two finish and a cold bottle of water in impound. Final results:

1. Tom Himes 1:17.125
2. Jon Ricker 1:19.839 (37 seconds behind)
3. Scott Davie 1:19.185 (16 laps)
4. Carey Grant 1:16.648 (DNF)

That pretty much sums it up at this point. Had a great time, great to be with Scott again and many thanks for letting me share the motor home:clap: . Also great to get to know you as well Tom, look forward to some future races together:cheers: . Sorry we didn't get by to see you Carey, but we'll try to catch up with you at the next one. Time to get the car turned around for next weekend at the venerable Mid Ohio to get my butt wooped by the Great Lakes guys:ciao: .

AS #29