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Scott Schweitzer
05-22-2007, 11:25 AM
Looks like the times are up on my laps. Congrats to Brian Doll, any reports?

05-22-2007, 05:28 PM
Nice job Mr. Doll. :cheers:

For those w/o mylaps access:
Toth 1:19.523
Doll 19.719
Heatherwick 20.485
West 20.978
Tillman 21.846
Pedersen 23.415

Doll 1:19.875
Heatherwick 19.768
West 21.180
Tillman 22.692
Pedersen 22.829
Toth 20.073 (DNF: driveline)

Lap Records
Q: 1:18.040 (McDermid in 04 with SN95 Mustang)
R: 1:17.862 (Von Kluge in 06 with a Fox Mustang)

05-22-2007, 06:53 PM
Thanks, it was a good weekend.

I was happy that I went faster than 2 weeks ago after a couple of changes to the car. I missed a 2-3 shift at the start, but managed to not let any AS cars by me. At the start a T2 neon SRT4 gridded 3rd easily went by me (the srt4 with turbo & intercooler seems to make very good power for a few laps, till it gets hot). The neon eventually went by Toth too, & I stayed right behind Toth, who was right behind the neon, for a number of laps. After we were held up for a while, Tom used the chrome horn and the neon moved over & let us both by. I could get alongside Toth but could not make the pass stick, and was filling his mirrors & waiting for a mistake. I was admiring both sides of his car while I was waiting. Fred H. caught up to us and got inside of me through one, but I held him off. This gave Toth some breathing room, for about 10 seconds, at which point something broke in his driveline and he pulled off in turn 3 (lap 14 of 25). Had he not broke I'm not sure I could have gotten by, but it would have been interesting. I was able to stay ahead of Fred till the end. Weather was very nice. Our run group was much nicer than two weeks ago when spec miata was also in the group. I need to get to the gym more; I was whipped at the end of this one...


05-23-2007, 01:38 PM
After we were held up for a while, Tom used the chrome horn and the neon moved over & let us both by.

WHAT??? Is that two races in a row that TT was involved in contact with an on track competitor? I didn't think AS drivers did that sort of thing. ;)

I bet big $$$'s (no whammy's!) that he had not yet fixed the front end damage from Grattan (not his fault, for the record), therefore it was a badge of honor, taking one for the team to part the Red Sea. Martyr Toth, if you will.

I am proud of you Tom! And best wishes on the repaint work this weekend! :D

P.S...sorry to hear about the stuff breaking. That is NEVER fun. Good luck with that, too.

The Brake Man
05-23-2007, 02:49 PM
Great Job Brian!!!