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04-29-2007, 05:08 PM
quick and simple from cell


Philip smith 1.09.591
Jim stevens 1.09.754
Jim wheeler 1.10.035
Carey grant 1.11.807
Bill tucker 1.13.288
Otto roberts 1.14.588
Dick read 1.14.731

04-29-2007, 07:41 PM

smith 1.09.869
tucker 1.10.575
grant 1.12.049
wheeler 1.10.867
read 1.15.521
roberts 1.12.202
stevens 1.09.598 DNF (eng?)

04-30-2007, 08:45 AM
Great racing and great weather.

By the time group 6 roled around the track was pretty slick. Jim Stevens organized a petition for the split start which was a great idea. Two T-1's in the front row. Jim and I in the second row with Wheel behind me and Grant next to him with the rest of the guys behind.

Jim and I both got a good start raced to turn one. Jim went a little deeper and we touched in turn one. Nothing big I settled in behind him and to say we drove like we stole it would have been an understatement. We were racing super hard. The Kumho's worked great and my car was very good. Jim went wide on the exit of six and I got a great run going into seven and was able to get on the inside and made the pass stick. This was on about the 8th lap. By that time Jim and I had about 20 seconds on the third place car. Jim dropped out with engine after that and I stayed focused on drove it home for the win.

Tucker and Wheel had a great race and Tucker got the best of him. Bill's new car looks great and he drove a super race.

Carey got by Wheel on the second to last lap when Wheel decided to do a little four "wheeling".

Good time and I am very sorry about Jim's engine. We had a blast racing.


04-30-2007, 12:20 PM
Great race Phil and Tucker. Tough break for James. He is really fast, but has had more than his share of problems.
I broke the panhard mount during practice on Saturday. It had been in the process of breaking for several races, from all appearances. I got it welded up Saturday night and made the Sunday race. The split start was great. No EP cars in the middle of the AS guys. The first lap, it was Jim, Philip and me, with Tucker and Carey a bit behind. It became painfully obvious that I had the car set up much too loose and I couldn't stay with Jim or Phil. Tucker gradually reeled me in, and passed me on about lap 8. I stayed with him for the rest of the race, working through lapped traffic and being lapped by the GT1 cars. I made a last ditch effort to get by in turn 1 on the last lap. It didn't work and I spun big time, then spun again coming back on. Carey got by and I ended up fourth.
The power steering discussion, (which continued with the ASAC meeting that I attended last night by cel phone as I towed home), came to the forefront on the banked oval portion of the track. My power steering was overheating and was not working very well. On the banked oval portion I was turning as hard left as I could, with manual steering, and suddenly the power steering kicked in. Scared the hell out of me.
We are going to re-submit the p.s. cooler proposal to the CRB to see if we can't get it moved up to the current season.
Even though I only managed 4th, it was great fun racing with everyone and I was really impressed with Tucker's drive. By far the best drive I have seen from him, ever. I can't say much about Phil's drive because I couldn't see much of him after the first few laps, since he was long gone, but great win.