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03-12-2007, 09:41 AM
Great weather. Great Food. Great Racing.

Congratulations Jim on a great drive. :thumbsup: This was the best drive that I have seen you make.:cheers:

I was on the pole at 1:14.6. Jim was second at 1.15.8. The other two guys where battling their cars and further back.

Jim and I both got good starts but he beat me to turn one. I set him up going on to the main straight. This is the longest straight in racing it seems. Faster then Road America. 150 MPH in the old A/S car. I got by him going into turn 1 but he stayed with me. I tried to race on Hoosier Autocross tires (A) and found that they really do not work after about 10 laps. I tried to hold him off but he out foxed me by tucking behind a GT-1 car that was lapping me going into turn 1. There was no way to catch him. I was trying like heck but his car was great at the end of the race. Mine was for **it. Jim did not make any mistakes. He won by 1.4 seconds.

This was a great clean race and I had a blast.

It was nice meeting Jon and Scott. Keep at it guys it gets better.

Congratulations Scott and on nice Podium.


03-12-2007, 10:19 AM
Phil and I had the perfect (from my standpoint) race on Sunday. A full on battle from green to checker. I ran a set of leftover Hoosiers from the Runoffs that had a few heat cycles and he ran on scuffed Hoosier A's. Because the race was so close, neither of us could let up for even a part of a lap. The harder, old tires, stayed perfect no matter how hard I drove them and I had to drive plenty hard to stay with Phil. Late in the race I watched as he lay down huge streaks of rubber with the outside rear tire, going through every corner. We both did a tandem, parallel lurid slide onto the front straight. It looked like a mini-drifters' competition. Neither one of us lifted and neither one of us hit the wall, but Phil's rear bumper didn't miss by more than an inch. I watched out my left side window, because I was just as sideways as he was. Gooooood fun.
I still couldn't take him until a few laps from the end when a GT1 Corvette passed us both at the end of the long straight. I tucked in behind him and acted like I was the blue GT1 car behind us. It worked.
Great fun. Phil and I met up again later that night, he at his home in Columbus and I driving up I 55, towing home. We both called in to the ASAC conference call and discussed engines, etc. for several hours.
Can't wait for the next one.

03-12-2007, 02:19 PM
I might point out that both Scott and Jonathan were finishers. Scott turned a best lap of 1:18.554 in third and Jon's was 1:18.515 in fourth, just a couple of seconds off Phil's and my times. Pretty darn good for first shot out of the box and fighting gremlins all weekend. Maybe you guys might want to post a note about how your weekend went.

03-13-2007, 12:27 AM
Ok Jim, I'll give it a shot....oh, that's what I do to all those lovely little children I see all week long:laughing: . First let me apologize for watering down the asphalt in the M&M's, I thought it needed to grow a little;) . Seriously, hope I didn't ruin anybody's race. My weekend went okay, had a wonderful test day on Friday, well worth the money and got alot of information about what to do to the car from Jim Stevens and Phil, but not much hope for the driver. Saturday was an afternoon ride thanks to Phil and Wheel for pulling off so my family could see daddy with the neat first place plaque. Sunday was the usual day from hell. Started off oversleeping.....yeah, spring forward, not back you dummy! Then had a spin in the 90's in qualifying due to driver error and couldn't get the demons out of me nor could I get my times down to a reasonable level. Did qualify third in class behind....make that WAY behind Phil and Wheel, but ahead of Scott and his fuel cell gremlins. We basically rebuilt Scott's entire car over the weekend from the electrical, fuel standpoint, but never dreamed of looking at the cell only to find the foam disintegrated and floating around like pee soup. The race was less exciting from my seat as compared to you guys'. I had a great start and hung on to the tail of you guys for maybe 3/4ths of a lap until you guys took off onto the front straight and all I saw was taillights dissappear. Scott and I had an accordian race for about 5 laps until I decided to water the asphalt in the M&M turns. I would pull Scott down the straight but he would close in a little in the back section and I'll pull out again on the straight and he would close back in. Fun for awhile, then the driver brain fade kicked in.:mad: I didn't know that I had lost all my water in the turn and like a bonehead ran the car and heated it up to the point where I think I hurt the motor a little. We are going to pull the engine and first find out why all the water came out in the first place:( . I don't see a hose off, but may be a freeze plug or even a hole in the radiator or something. I thought it might have been a head gasket but Scott who was right behind me said way too much water came out for a head gasket. Unfortunately he couldn't get word to anyone to tell me to stop and all I wanted was a finish and couldn't see the forest through the trees. We'll rebuild and hopefully be ready for St. Louis in a few weeks. And to top it all off, there was a terrible wreck about 45 miles west of Nashville on I-40 and I got to sit in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic for 11 miles and 2 hours, ugh!

Thanks to Jim Stevens for all your advice, your thoughts and your caring about us newbies and of course your elbow grease as well:clap: . Thanks to Scott Davie and Dave,crew extrordinare, for the fun, good times and your help as well:clap: . And of course, thanks Phil and Jim for an entertaining race even though all I saw was tailights go by.....real fast:clap: . You guys are all great and I look forward to future weekends:thumbsup: .

After weekends like this, sometimes I want to sell the car and the trailer and buy a street Porsche and be done with it, but then I get on this site and you guys keep me going and looking forward to my next weekend. Thanks for that. There you go Wheel, that's my take on the weekend now Scott your turn to chime in!:cheers:

Scott Davie
03-13-2007, 01:10 AM
I want to thank everyone of the AS guys at the MMP race this weekend. This was my first race in AS and with a new car to me. I bought this car and went over everything that I could think of to get the car ready for this race. Then came the Gremlins. I want to thank Jim Stevens, Phil Smith, Jim Wheeler and Jon Ricker for all the support, parts, and hands on help that everyone gave me inorder to get my car running. Special thanks to my friend Dave Jones who would not give up on the car to get me on the track. If not for him and all the help from everyone else, I would have gone home Friday. Friday we put all new fuel system on the car and had it running but not over 6000 RPM. Then on Sat morning it wouldn't make 2 laps around track. After replacing the ignition system and removing the rev limiter and missing the Regional race, we finally hit 7000 RPM -FIXED???? Dave talked me into doing the drag racing Saturday night to help jet the carb against my better judgement. After three full 1/2 mile passes at 7000RPM we knew we had it fixed. Some of the people in the stands thought my throttle was stuck and I wasn't going to stop at the end of the strip!!!! Saturday qualifing- 2 laps no fuel again, pulled fuel cell and found the foam coming apart.Cleaned that out and double filtered fuel and got to go racing. What a long weekend!!!! but, boy was it worth it!!! Not only did I get to race , the car finished the race. The engine finally started missing at the end, fuel or lost a cylinder? Thanks again , what a great bunch the AS guys are. Thanks, Dave ,for working so hard to get the car going. PS. had a great time Drag racing too!!! It's been a long time.