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Tim White
04-10-2006, 12:00 PM
The IT race was interesting, I have no idea how the ITB car ended up on its side but definitely the best place to do it, right at the starters stand and in front all the EV. Hopefully that is the last time I have to run ITE to get finishes. So, obviously I got out of there well before the AS race, so what happened?

04-10-2006, 12:23 PM
Jim Stevens on pole 1.26.434
wheeler 1.26.494
Tom Smith 1.26.996
Jeff Kopp 1.30.327
David Guinn 1.33.707

First time, ever, that three cars were under 1.27

Smith jumped the flag and was by two rows with his left tires in the grass as the green came out. I was on the outside trapped by a GT 3 car and a couple of EP Mazdas.

It took forever to catch back up. Jim spun, with some help, and I got by. Smith was in front of Brian Haupt in a Mazda and every time I tried to get by, he blocked me. Don't know why, because there wasn't another EP car within a half lap of him. Of course, this cost me time on every corner and Jim caught up. He passed somewhere near turn one. I gave him plenty of room, but he kept moving me to the outside going up the hill until he forced me off the road, flat out in 3rd gear. We touched. I really didn't expect that from him, but he really wanted the win and I was his victim. He then punted Brian (can't say I blame him there). I looked down at the gauges and the oil temp needle was pegged and the water was at 240. I started shifting at 5K and the temps came down a bit, so I pressed on. Jim retired with a mechanical and I caught Smith, but ran out of laps.
Smith 1.26.695
wheel 1.27.040
Kopp 1.30.155
Guinn 1.33.572
Stevens 1.26.429

04-12-2006, 12:27 AM
My take on the weekend:

Although I've been to Hallett several times crewing for McGinley, I never turned a wheel on the track until Saturday for Regional Qualifying/National Practice. Fun track. Lots of corners and not very long straights.

I thought I did well for my first session ever turning a 1:30:xx and looked forward to more track time during the Regional race. I qualified in the top AS spot for the Regional. At the start, Scott Bettinger got a HUGE jump on me as usual since he seems to have a substantial horsepower advantage over me. I out braked him in one and he gave me plenty of room and then he motored past me again on the straight between one and three (ok so there's a "slight" turn in there somewhere). I knew that with the new brake setup I could easily "out brake" him again in the "major" braking zone going into three. However, I ended up locking up the right front so bad that I got into a EP Mazda that was "well" ahead of me and did not deserve what I gave him. Luckily, he contiued on without problem which is more than I can say for my own sorry self. The vibration from the flat spot was ridiculous and I pulled in after 5 laps.

The thing about this that I'd like to mention is that I was convinced during these 5 laps that I had a brake malfunction of some sort on that first lap. After talking with Wheeler, Stevens, and others, I started to question my observation from the incident. They convinced me that my old "brick" tires were just "that bad" and that I should see how qualifying and the race turned out Sunday before I made up my mind about it. Well, they were right. Just a case of a rookie mistake on "junk" tires that could have easily been avoided if someone would have just not tried to win the race on the first lap http://www.asedan.net/forums/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif.

The National on Sunday was uneventful for me as I ran by myself for most of the race. Mr. Stevens got spun by McGinley (who, as mentioned earlier, I crew chief for) in his T1 Vette and probably doesn't believe it was a total accident even though Mike is still wondering why Stevens came to such a crawl when it happened??? Stevens ran great laps until he broke and I got the 3rd spot by default because of it. My first National podium though so that's cool.

I learned a lot this weekend. I learned I have s*** for horsepower (actually knew that before). I learned that crap tires are just that. I learned that some people truly believe they "own" the track (I will not go into detail for fear of making enemies I cannot afford http://www.asedan.net/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif). I learned that Oklahoma can actually have nice, unscorching weather. I learned that, no matter what, hanging out at the track with the Midiv clan is always a good time!


04-12-2006, 04:17 PM
Jeff, are you still running Scott's engine in your car?

I remember him telling me that yours had a pretty aggressive cam in it. I don't know if he gave you the same line he gave me about the exhaust system? What do you have on yours? I have his custom deal, that, if it works... I'll probably have another copy made.

Mine sounds real healthy. I haven't driven it yet, but I had some electrical done on it in the spring, and the drag racer who did the work for me was shocked at how quick the car was for what's under the hood.

I reused the cam, lifters, and pushrods from Scott's original build... but replaced everything else..pistons, rods, crank, block, valvetrain... the whole shebang. The shop that built the current engine told me that Scott's engine, built by Precision something or other in TX (a bunch of complete and total jerks) was real loosey goosey. The bores weren't aligned and the cylinders were over clearanced, or bored, for the use of the hyperu pistons (expansion rate). They told me blow by would have been excessive on that engine.

I'm just curious as I know you've stated in the past that you are pretty sure Scott was a little bit misleading on the Horsepower.

Overall, I beleive that your car was set up, suspension, cage, body... much better than mine. It looked a helluva' lot better than mine, tell ya that! Mines pretty basic with a couple of tricks.

In one of his Emails Scott wrote, "handles like a GT car, glued." *LMAO* .. if it handles like my 510 did I'll be ecstatic!

Best Regards,
Justin Rupp

04-12-2006, 04:52 PM
Jeff, are you still running Scott's engine in your car?

Yes, however I did change the cam during a refresh before last season. I don't know if I would consider the cam that came out to be agressive. It was an "off-the-shelf" Isky grind. I worked with comp cams to come up with a custom grind to move the power band down in the RPM range a bit. I've never dynoed it. It doesn't sound as "mean" as it did before but it "feels" like it's has better pull off the corners than it did before which is what I was after.

I hope to have another engine ready by the Runoffs but it's not looking like that will happen. Maybe just a cheapo spare in case I actually make the show and break something before race day.

There isn't anything trick about the setup of my car. It even still has the factory torque arm on it. I've been working on a 3rd link setup for too long and just need to try it and see what happens. It does have what Scott called "NASCAR" style sway bars on it. They are essentially splined ended shafts with arms that slide on the ends. The shafts are available in different sizes and the arms in different lengths. They look trick I guess. Does your car have those?

Scott's description of my car included "Z06 like horsepower". Not a chance! Also, the car looked a LOT better in the pictures than it did in person - no big surprise really.

I've been seriously considering switching to something else to race. Maybe a Touring or SS class. My plan is to give AS a strong go in 2006 and see what happens on my meager budget. If I can make it to and finish in the top 20 (maybe even 30 http://www.asedan.net/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif) at the Runoffs on a fraction of the budget most of the top runners have, I'd be a happy Kopper.


04-12-2006, 05:19 PM
It does have what Scott called "NASCAR" style sway bars on it. They are essentially splined ended shafts with arms that slide on the ends. The shafts are available in different sizes and the arms in different lengths. They look trick I guess. Does your car have those?


No. Mine just has adjustable end links on the rear sway bar. The front looks stock to me.

I did get a ton of spares with mine, including a blowed up engine! *LOL* I got a rear end with the corrected bushings and T/A cover. I'd been considering putting the T/A cover on the unit mounted to the car... but until I change gears I think I'll leave it alone.

I've got a stock appearing torque arm on mine, but it's been modified, which I think I've been over before with other guys on this board (or Email List) and we've concluded it's legal. I have the stock panhard bar on there, too. I was going to beef it up, but realistically I want to wait to actually drive the car before I make suspension changes. And then I only plan to do them one at a time.

Hopefully it's good. I have only a couple tiny items (besides brakes) left on the car to attend to before the school.

I too would like to run a showrooom stock or T class... ah well. We'll see.

Best Regards,
Justin Rupp

04-12-2006, 05:48 PM
For what it's worth... Scott had been to the runoffs in my car and I assume he ran it the way I got it. I can't imagine he planned on winning because there were/are items that are not legal.

Each shock tower has three 1.5" holes drilled in it. I can't see where these would aid in camber adjustment so I've been assuming this is not legal. I assume he put those there to add an air charge under the hood. I can't see any other reason for doing this.

The car had a very nice aluminum water pump on it, too. The guy at the engine shop was very impressed at how little drag it had *LOL*. I still have the water pump, but it's not on the car. Some of you may remember I was whining and complaining about brackets last fall.

To go with that, my car still has a remote tank for the power steering. I do not beleive this to be legal, and I plan on changing it before I run a national. As a result I had bought a specialty power steering pump bracket for small block chevy, and used another bracket that Scott was using, in order to make the whole deal work with the long water pump. All told, looks beautiful, but not legal.

I know that Scott came in underweight by at least 10 lbs on an occasion with this car, resulting in a DSQ. He weighed about 20 lbs more than me. Once I get it scaled at the school (I have Ruggles Scales at home but haven't used them yet) it will be interesting to see what it weighs with me in it. I say this because I know some folks have stated that they have a hard time getting their Camaros down to weight.

The welds on mine were pretty suspect, so I and a buddy of mine did alot of rewelding of the cage. We also added some steel in some spots because the way that Scott constructed the plates upon which the cage is mounted is very, how do you say, skimpy. I would've thought that this would be an area that you'd wanna' beef up!

All told I will run ITE until I get my National license back because I don't want some technicality that I missed costing me finishes.

If I could go back I would have bought David Venhaus's fox Mustang for a bit less than mine cost.. I've always like Fox Bodies. For whatever reason I drove down to TX to buy this thing *LOL* I guess Scott was a good salesman.

Best Regards.