View Full Version : MidO Double Regional

08-04-2009, 07:56 PM
Just wanted to give a quick update on the results of the MidOhio Double regional that I, Brian Ehmer and Ed Hosni (yes, Ed) went to.

Sat race Ed 1:38.218
Jon 1:40.933
Brian 1:42.572

Sun qualifying race (drying track from overnight rain)
Ed 1:39.304
Jon 1:43.977
Brian 1:45.473

Sun Race

Ed 1:36.810
Brian 1:41.571
Jon 1:41.044

Biggest reason for the post is really to let everyone know that Ed Hosni is back after a job change, a move to Columbus, OH and addition of another child! It was great to see him again and he is still WICKED fast in his black Mustang and the negative camber is still outrageous. I hope he continues to get out more often, but he says it is all just for fun now (isn't that what we all say). Brian, if you're on the forum, it was great to meet you as well and look forward to some future MidO weekends again.

Jon Ricker