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08-03-2009, 01:01 AM
Congrats to Shawn Gray on the AS win today. He was hauling the mail! Wheeler was in hot pursuit until a hub/hat/ rotor combination came apart on his right front, taking him out of the race. Brett V. got second and I finished third. Nice weather, clean race.........good times. This track is one you have to wait on the other sessions to cross and get out so I did not get a sheet with times. Hopefully Wheeler will maybe fill in the blanks.

08-03-2009, 09:58 AM
The usual St. Louis heat wave wasn't present this weekend, so we had great weather. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn't very good and we only had four ASedans.
Shawn Gray put his Firebird on the pole, .350 under the track record. I was second, .033 over the record. Bret was third, with Chris' GTO fourth.
I was right behind Shawn, on the grid, and we went into turn one nose to tail. That is the way we ran for 18 of the 28 laps. I had him at several places on the track and he had me at others. Great fun. My limited slip shot craps on about the third lap. I couldn't get the power down at turns 7 and 8, coming onto the oval. I almost got the pass done, at one point, and missed the 2/3 shift coming onto the banking. I guess that's payback for his missed shift at MAM.
On lap 19 I made the hard left onto the banking and something went crunch. I drove into the pits and back to the trailer. The right front hub, hat, rotor, spindle, bearings were all total junk. I was a bit bummed by not taking it to Shawn for the whole race, but felt really lucky that it broke where it did and not at 116 mph on the banking. That would have been the end of my ASedan racing. I had spare parts in the trailer, so Ted and I changed everything, at the track, and drove it into the trailer.
Shawn 1:08.427
Jim 1:08.818
Bret 1:12.348
Chris 1:12.979

Shawn 1:09.459
Bret 1:12.428
Chris 1:12.041
Jim 1:09.399

ps I added the vacuum reservoir and it worked great. No loss of brake boost, like the last two races. Joe T. was correct, that there was more boost at the slower corners, but it was easy to identify and deal with.

Ted Johnson
08-03-2009, 12:11 PM
Congrats to Shawn and Wheel on a great drive. Fun to watch from the pitwall and the sound of these higher reving AS motors on a Nascar track echoing off the grandstands is just awesome. The deep roar of Brannons GTO is incredible too. This is why I love AS. Fortunately the beefy Revolution Brake caliper bracket and Wilwood caliper were strong enough to allow Wheel to limp back to the paddock as that was all that was holding the wheel on the car after the hub/bearing went. And at that track a hub failure usually means complete car destruction with concrete walls everywhere. I think your newer brakes just paid a dividend in the life of your race car.

Fun race to watch as they were nose to tail the entire time up until the hub failure.

And Kopp.. Nice job on sticking the landing off the back of the golf kart. That could have been real ugly:clap:

08-03-2009, 12:18 PM
Good work guys. A little surprised that the track record did not fall during the race.

Is that the second hub failure?


Ted Johnson
08-03-2009, 12:28 PM
No the last broken piece was the spindle failure. It cracked at the bolt holes and dropped the car. This was a Baer hub that failed. I think Jims first hub failure but I broke one years ago. So this is not one of the hubs that we put on the newer brake package from Revolution.

08-03-2009, 12:44 PM
I'm not really sure what part failed first. The hat, which is a floater, with the T-nuts, was destroyed. The little tabs on the rotor were destroyed. This has happened before, at HPT. The inner bearing was no longer there, but the outer bearing was fine. The hub, of course, was all gouged out on the inner race area, but fine on the outer. The spindle was ground down, as well. It might have been the hat that broke first, taking the rest of the stuff with it. Just can't be sure.
I felt a little vibration on the lap it broke, but pressed on. Damn glad it happened when it did.

08-04-2009, 08:48 PM
Great weekend, Enjoyed racing w/ Chris!!