View Full Version : MAM this weekend

04-20-2009, 07:02 PM
Fun weekend at MAM. I donated the SM for a KC region worker to do the double school and Sunday regional. Since he couldn't run Saturday, I ran the SM in the regional. That car is a total hoot to race. I was laughing about half the time. Finished 3rd, but set fast lap, with a $450 junk yard motor.
In ASedan, Frank Safranek tested on Friday with his Fox Mustang, but worked the weekend and did not race. The Saturday race had Kim McDonald and David Gird, both in Gen III Camaros. David won, but Kim had fast lap, at 1.49.4 vs 1:50.1.
Kim lost the master cylinder, but I had a new one in the Big Kahuna, so he made the program for Sunday. David broke something in qualifying and Kim raced against Mark Beacom in his SN95. Mark won, with a 1:45.9 and Kim turned a 1:48.5.
Wet and nasty Friday and Saturday morning. Just nasty on Sunday.