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08-21-2005, 09:19 PM
Only have the results:

1. Jim Stevens 1:43.520
2. Shawn Gray 1:44.667
3. Tom Wallace 1:44.676
4. Fred Hetherwick 1:47.155
5. Harvey West 1:49.800
6. Ted Johnson 1:45.605
DNF Mark Beacom 1:45.557
DNF Frank Safranek 2:04.129

Johnson qualified in the #1 AS spot but elected to start at the rear of the field so the guys that needed the points could get them. Stevens had an off at turn #1 on the start but worked his way back to the front. A last effort by Wallace to get around Stevens caused some rubbing and Wallace went off and couldn't get the car to restart (heard the car was REAL hot). That's all I got.

Congradulations to Stevens. Word was he needed a good finish to qualify for the Runoffs and it doesn't get any better than that!


08-21-2005, 09:46 PM
here's more of the story from MAM.

I tried to add and attachment, but couldn't get it handled in my present condition. I'll try later.

08-24-2005, 03:28 PM
This is long, but below is the message that Wheel sent out via the AS email.

Thanks Jim.

And thanks on behalf of the Wallace family -- you guys made the trip that much better.

Tom Wallace

Here are the results from Midwest Division's last national race of the year.

Pretty interesting from my point of view..... as a "car owner" spectator.
Tom Wallace and Freddie Hetherwick came over from CenDiv to get Runoffs points, so we had 10 entrants while a bunch of other AS racers were at MidO.

Ted Johnson ran my car on Saturday in the regional, and he gave a "here's the line" driving clinic to the guys from out of town. He qualified 2nd and won the race with Tom second.

Today, in the national, Ted also drove my car, with several assignments. 1. Go out and run 5 laps and scuff some Hoosiers for the Runoffs. 2. Start from the back. 3. Don't get in the way of any of the (several) points races/runoffs qualifications/whatever. 4. Go half way to get the finish for license renewal purposes.

Jim Stevens needed a 4th or 5th to qualify (due to mechanical malfunctions during the season) for the Runoffs, and the CenDiv guys had their own kettle of fish to fry.

SO, Ted put my Firebird on the pole:
Ted Johnson 1.42.146
Jim Stevens 1.42.818
Tom Wallace 1.44.509
Shawn Grey 1.44.934
Harvey West 1.45.473
Bill Tucker 1.45.753 In the blue and yellow ex-cendiv Camaro that he converted to hand controls on Saturday night, but that's another story.
Fred Hetherwick 1.49.193
Mark Beacom 2.00.00 mechanical
Jeff Kopp NT
Frank Safranek NT

Ted started from the back and cruised around until half way then brought it in. Tom got a good start and held the lead with Jim dropping off the track outside of turn 2. Things settled in with Jim back in, about 5th or so and Tom in the lead. Shawn spun trying to take Tom on lap 8 and Jim started reeling in Tom, making the pass for the lead on lap 17 of what became an 18 lap (timed) race. Tom spun, trying to retake the lead. Great, close racing and fun to watch.

Congratulations to Jim for a well deserved win.

So, for all you points keepers trying to figure out who can go to the Runoffs, here it is.
1. Jim Stevens 1.43.520 and he goes to the Runoffs from Midiv.
2. Shawn Grey in an illegal car that was found out in impound, but not DQ'd. His log book was noted for modifying the drive shaft tunnel and rear fire wall to make room for the third link. See also, Bob Hahn at the Runoffs several season ago. It was also reported that Shawn had 4 piston calipers, although I can't confirm that. Don't know why they didn't DQ him.
3. Tom Wallace. The whole Wallace clan was in attendance and we enjoyed their company.
4. Fred Hetherwick
5. Harvey West
6. Ted Johnson
Jeff didn't run and Tucker, Frank and Mark all had mechanicals.