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09-01-2008, 07:35 PM
Watkins 1:48.201
Tucker 1:49.161
White 1:49.944
Davie 1:50.423
Kopp 1:50.839
Johnson 1:50.854
Lechner 1:50.885
Brown 1:51.923
Ruggiero 2:01.010

White 1:51.201
Lechner 1:51.165
Watkins 1:49.019 (Cooling issues)
Brown 1:51.808
Ruggiero 2:02.085
Tucker 1:50.684 (Flat tire - 10 laps)
Kopp 1:51.141 (Munched RF hub - 10 laps)
Davie 1:50.733 (Motor? - 9 laps)
Johnson 1:54.849 DNF (Cooling issues)

Wheeler elected to not take his car out after the rocker broke just to be safe. He didn't have to race to take the Midiv Championship (congradulations BTW) so he loaned us parts off his car instead. Thanks Wheel!

The start was weird. We were damn near racing to the S/F line and ended up very spread out when the green was thrown. Tucker, Davie, White and I were a train for the first 7-8 laps with White getting around Davie not long before my right front hub decided it didn't need bearings anymore. Tim and John seemed to be the only ones up front who were able to put in good, solid runs and took the top two spots. Kyle had pulled out front by a fair margin early but cooling issues wouldn't allow him to hold the lead.

I learned that going faster requires more prep work and attention to detail. I'm either going to need to commit or quit. Tough deal but always fun! :thumbsup: See you all at the same place in a month or so.


BTW - Anyone know of a T1 Vette for sale or rent anywhere? Seriously. ;)

09-01-2008, 08:12 PM
congrats to:

Wheeler on the Midiv championship, Shawn Gray for the day 1 win, White
for the day 2 win (I am sure he was excited), and the rest of the AS gang
for showing up and competing hard. I really regret not being able to go.

My surgery was a sucess, reabilitation starts this week and I am working hard
to heal as quickly and correctly as possible and maybe see you boys at the Runoffs in October.


09-01-2008, 10:57 PM
BTW - Anyone know of a T1 Vette for sale or rent anywhere? Seriously. ;)

There's been one in the back of Sportscar magazine for the past few months. Red, mostly new powertrain I believe. I think he's asking $33K.

Also here: T1 Vette For Sale (http://www.wurthmotorsports.com/T1_Z06_For_Sale.asp) They want $21K.

Tim White
09-01-2008, 11:54 PM
What a day is all I can say. I still have a long way to go with the car but I can say Kyle builds a hell of a car. I'm very thankful that Kyle brought the big trailer and had a variety of front sway bars after breaking the sway bar in the Sunday race, thanks Kyle. Thanks to Wheel and Ted for their help this weekend. The only bummer, I have every session on video but today's race.

09-02-2008, 08:20 AM
Congratulations to Tim for the WIN, and to Shawn for his on Sun. Also to everyone who accomplished their various missions this weekend. Ted, Kopper and Andy all needed two starts and a finish, to qualify for the Runoffs. They all did.
Also, John, Scott, and both Andys improved a bunch over the weekend.
On Sunday Qualifying:

wheel 1:47.338
Shawn 1:47.469
Kyle 1:47.532
Kopp 1:50.073
Tucker 1:50.084
Tim 1:50.295
Ted 1:50.998
Scott 1:51.777
John 1:52.203
Brown 1:52.973
Bret Volkamer 1:53.581
Ruggiero 2:02.214

It was a great field and a lot of fun. Kyle, Shawn and I all had in our Runoffs motors for a shake down.
I got a good start and put a BP car between me and Kyle, with Shawn on his bumper. Unfortunately the BP dove on me in turn 8 and then couldn't make the turn cleanly, causing me to brake hard to miss him. Now, you could throw a blanket over me, Kyle, Shawn and Tucker. I went deep into turn 1, lost it and had to go straight across the grass. Very rough in there, as Kyle would find out later. Now I was 4th. I caught Tucker and he dropped off the outside of turn 8 and I went back by. The next lap, I dropped a cylinder and the clattering started. I turned it off and watched the rest of the race from the turn 7 corner station.
It turned out to be an aluminum rocker arm, broken in half at the shaft. I replaced it after the race, and nothing else was injured. I was going to run Monday, but my engine builder called late Sunday night and said, that if one could break, another one could as well. We got away with it once, but the next one might mean a ruined engine. We ordered some new stainless steel rockers today.
Kyle led most of the race, but dropped off about where I did. He trashed his new, trick, splitter and started to cut a tire.
Sunday final:

Shawn 1:49.354
Kyle 1:48.798
Andy Brown

Andy R DNF
Wheel DNF

Shawn drove his dad's GT1 car on Monday and Tom Smith drove Shawn's AS car in GT1, having blown up two AS cars during the weekend, (including the one Bret raced on Sunday) running them in GT1 to get his finishes for the Runoffs.

I hated missing the race on Monday, but I have my eyes on the big picture. Also, thanks to Jeff Demetri in the BP car. He was gridded in the middle of the AS field, and chose to start from the back to let the AS guys fight it out among themselves. Also, Chris Brannon called the track and had them announce, while we were on the grid, "good luck to all the AS racers." Pretty cool, although, with engines firing, I'm not sure how many heard it.

09-03-2008, 12:01 AM
Well that was another fun weekend! It is so great to be RACING and not PARADING in a 1 car class!

First, Congrats to TIM for his first national win. Way to go!! He kept pounding out nice consistent laps and I knew it was a matter of time...

Congrats to Shawn as well for race #1 win, he ran me hard until I made the same mistake wheel did! Karma lives I guess! :D

I had more problems, may have started this car resurrection a little late this year, but hey, 4 more weeks to go...

Practice went OK, then qual 1 was getting along ok, until I threw away my fastest lap by missing the shift onto the front straight. I came in after that figured mistakes happen. I found out on the start of the race, I still had shift problems in the heat of the moment, only to find out on lap 3 or so the clutch disc was coming apart. The pedal got super high, so I stopped using it and went back to matching. Then I went off, hurt the spoiler and apparently hurt an axle bearing, because cornering right now meant also rubbing the brake bracket against the rotor.... Well new axle bearings were on the list. Oh yeah, and so was a new clutch, which was laying in the shop...

I have to give a thanks for Scott Bettinger for helping me do a clutch and axles Sunday, instead of partying like he was actually there for!! :thumbsup: We only came up with a used disc, but it worked!

Day 2 was good. I was dissapointed Wheel and Shawn dropped out, but there was a tight field regardless. In the morning the heat problem started to show, although we blamed it on a leaking cap and no spoiler. I pulled in after Tim passed me, because like Jim said this is the runoffs motor. The GT1's had shortened the race to where the checkers were out, so I took them in the pits.

I learned that going faster requires more prep work and attention to detail. I'm either going to need to commit or quit. Tough deal but always fun! See you all at the same place in a month or so.

Yeah tell me about it, but at least the parts choices can be good ones now. Time for a new Edelbrock race water pump.

Here are the starts. Like Jeff said race 2 start was bad. The rule about pace car speed after it pulls off, IGNORED... The GT1's just hammered down, and with no radio man, I got smoked by the time we were turning onto the front straight and Bill took off...

Start Race 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-b2NlJzZDw)
Start Race 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bnLQIsnkn4&feature=user)

And although some people were commenting that day that fords have GT1 power (initials are JEFF KOPP...:D ), notice on lap 1 3 very equal runoffs motors pulling the front straight! 2 Chevys and one ford....


Scott Davie
09-04-2008, 02:04 PM
Tim, Congradulations on a great race Sunday and THE BIG WIN ON MONDAY!:clap: :clap: It was great weather and a lot of fun racing back and forth with a field full of AS Sedans. My engine dropped an intake valve on the #5 cylinder, I asume after the cylinder wall cracked and the water hit the hot valve. I managed to coast from turn 8 back passed the finish line for a finish, mostly in the grass and off line. I,m not sure if they threw yellow because of me ( I hope not).

Great job everyone for making their goals this weekend, I think everyone is now qualified for the runoffs.:cheers: And Wheel for taking the Midiv Championship again.:bowdown: :bowdown:

Kyle, nice to meet you this go round. Next time you need a part, drop by I have 2 new clutches and a pressure plate I carry in the trailer.