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08-31-2008, 06:35 PM
Well the Edelbrock heads got their debut with a "Win the first time out" and the ol' #34 went into retirement in style.

The rain came and stayed. We don't own a pair of wet tires and I like driving in the rain anyway so when they called us to the grid for the race we stepped up.

I saw the folks with rain tires and envied them, but fortunately we put a good race together and took the lead by the first corner and ended up winning the whole enchilada with rooster tails flying.

It sure was something as I started outside pole alongside a 250,000 dollar Porsche GT1 car (as more than a few GT1 cars elected not to race in the rain).

It was something more as I was in the driver seat watching our American Sedan Mustang out accelerate that GT1 Porsche through the rain and massive water puddles (you could never use wide open throttle the whole race) and I completed the pass before the first turn. That was pretty exciting.

And again an even better feeling as our American machinery put a lap on that same car about 15 minutes later.

It was nice not just winning our class but winning our group. "The Group from Hell" they called us. LOL. Our Group were some shrapnel dodging, fire creating, panel rubbing/ripping group of drivers.

Hats off to Hoosier for making a slick that runs that fast in the rain.

I had some moments ....boy the video is pretty crazy....slicks are tricky in real rain like we were engulfed in.

Hats off to Edelbrock/Ken Felice/Andy McDermid all of my guys at Pro Systems and my Crew Chief Brad Hosmer for making this A/Sedan adventure such a great bunch of fun.

We clinched the 2008 CFR Championship (we have 92 points our closest competitors have 33....so the heads did not artificially alter the outcome...we had a good year and a lucky year..You have to have both), we set the Sebring Track Record (on old tires...darn it so that won't stand long) and just had a heck of a good time racing with you guys.

I ran my whole short lived career and never touched another cars paint (I was hit a couple times from the back) but none of my normal guys touched my paint. GREAT drivers all of you... very clean.

I'll get back into Road Course racing again sometime I am sure...but until then, thanks again guys. I had a great time.

Patrick James (Retired SCCA driver)

Sean #40
08-31-2008, 09:15 PM
Well done :clap: wish i could have been there you know i love to run in the rain and harass Porsche's. My next outing is Daytona with the Camaro then Sebring with the Jag.
Dont be a stranger come watch us race sometime.