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08-18-2008, 10:54 AM
Qualifying: (Current race track record is 1:41.709 by Kyle)
Kyle Watkins 1:40.653
Ted Johnson 1:40.951
wheel 1:41.200
Bill Tucker 1:42.041
Tim White 1:43.029
Shawn Gray 1:43.195
Andy Brown 1:45.378

Pretty damn close grouping.

A couple of other entrants didn't show. Ted, in his second outing with the X-Tom Wallace Camaro, went out on some of my old Hoosiers. We had fixed his new hydraulic clutch and the rear sway bar on Saturday and this was the first time the car was close to being right. Shawn's car has been sitting for several seasons and they were trying to pull of another Hallett, where he won, with my 9" rear end. His new transmission expired on Saturday and he was running with one borrowed from Andy Brown. It was not to be, as they had several other gremlins that bit them throughout the weekend.
Ted and I spent quite a bit of time talking to Andy on Saturday night. He is a GT1 racer, who has traded up to ASedan with the X-Eric Richie Camaro.


wheel 1:42.536
Kyle 1:42.336
Ted 1:43.357
Andy 1:46.226
Tuck 1:42.806
Tim 1:44.138
Shawn 1:43.518 DNF

Kyle tried the patented "Watkins Jump", but the starter didn't throw the flag. He dropped back in line and the green came out. Tucker, Ted and I all got great starts and went around the various EP and GT cars that were in our way. We were all nose to tail, except Ted got boxed out by the only BP car in the race. Nice guy, but I wish he would stay out of the middle of the AS cars, until we got sorted out. That pretty much ended Ted's chances of staying with the lead pack. So it was Kyle, Jim, Tucker. I stayed with Kyle for the first two laps, until a GT1, who started at the rear, came by and dumped about two gallons of gas out his overflow. I straight lined the chicane and Kyle moved out, and Tucker got closer. Towards the end, I gradually reeled in Kyle and Tucker dropped back. Ted had a huge spin. Don't know what was going on with the other guys. With a few to go, it became obvious that I had Kyle, and he waved me by on the front straight. Tucker caught him a lap later, but lost it big time, trying to take him at the final chicane, where I had gone straight.
I don't know what was wrong with Kyle's car, but he had a vibration at the fast parts and seemed to push out pretty badly on the carousel type turns. I was still able to turn 43's and 42's, while he had dropped off to 44's and 46's.
Great race for me. I talked to myself, as if talking to one of my students, and it helped keep a consistent line pretty much the whole race.
Kyle got the finish he need to qualify, and Ted got his new car pretty well sorted.


Ted Johnson
08-18-2008, 11:39 AM
Jim drove a great race to a well deserved win. I stuck around and had some conversations about the start. It was very bizarre. I was behind Kyle on the start and was determined to get the jump on him With Kyle thats like a shootout with Billy the Kid. I swore I saw the starter move his shoulder, jumped and then he put his arm back down. Slammed on the brakes and thought we were going around for another lap. THEN the green came out and caught me out. I found out that the the front cars a GT1 and 2 car didn't go because they were under the flag stand when the green came out and couldn't see the green. They sit so far back in their cars and with window banners prevented them seeing it. The 2 T1 cars on the second row split the two gt cars and were 4 wide. Anyway it was confirmed by several drivers the flag man did move and put the flag back down for a moment. Oh well.

I was in a fight with 2 EP cars. I got a big run on a ep porsche 911 coming out of 3 who had a tank slapper and gathered up. I was going around the outside of him at turn 4, I dropped my right rear tire into the dirt and hooked across the track at around a 100 mph and slid down the middle straight away sideways in the dirt. It took forever to come to a stop, which is the beauty of MAM, very minimal things to run into. I was fortunate to finish third, with guys like Bill Tucker and Shawn Gray and Tim White in Kyles good car. Bill Tucker got a great start and was fighting to catch Jim while I was content to get my finish. Kyles the man driving a car with brake issues and a broke torque arm at some point. He can drive a broken car fast.

Again I need to thank all my friends who came to my unorganized aid to help me get this thing right. Thanks again Jim. Weather was perfect all weekend long. It wasn't that frustrating to pull that transmission out on saturday to re shim the clutch but when you have friends like Wheeler, Kopp, and Safranek it sure makes things easier.




Tim White
08-18-2008, 12:28 PM
After dealing with the variable timing issue and running a 1:42.9 and backing it up with a 1:43.0 in the regional on Saturday I was pretty pumped for the national. Unfortunately my issues were not over for the weekend, I was double checking the timing after qualifying because the car just didn't feel right and noticed the outside of the balancer was off 25 degrees. With the balancer being neutrally balanced I decided I would try for a finish but would be happy with just a start and would pull it in if I started to feel a vibration. Sure enough on lap 11 I started to feel a vibration so I did one more very slow lap, got a finish and called it a day. Nothing that can't be fixed before the double national.

08-18-2008, 05:23 PM
Thanks to Jim and Ken for the warm welcome to the class. Here came two unknown riders / drivers heading up a dusty trail at dusk with drinks in hand to greet the new guy. It was a scene out of the old west with the horses being replaced by an Easy Go and the six shooters being replaced by a blender. Different shoot. Kyle had also come up earlier in the day.

I want to thank both Jim Wheeler and Jeff Kopp for their input. I have pretty much worn them out over the past months with questions about the car and class. The sharing of information within the group is really amazing.

Now all I have to do is unlearn almost everything I thought I knew about driving and truly learn about car control and stopping comfortably from speed with power brakes. For some reason I feel like I am on a skid pad all of the time and I can't get off.

Thanks / Andy

08-18-2008, 05:44 PM
If you feel like you are on a skid pad, then you have about 80% of the driving understood. That was Ted with me, by the way. We knew you would fit in when I saw Bill Gray driving by with a transmission for Shawn's car. He said, "Andy loaned it to us." That's pretty much how we all behave, in this division, anyway. I'm hoping everyone shows up at HPT in two weeks. Kopp will have his car there, if they send him the correct axles this time.
Hope to see you all there. If I make both races, that will be SCCA races #198 and #199, which makes the Runoffs #200 for me. That might be worth a party.

08-18-2008, 07:21 PM
I knew that. It must have been his Margret Reatas. Sorry Ted.

08-19-2008, 12:09 AM
It was a great race, glad I went. I learned alot... about what needs fixed next!

This was really only my 3rd real outing in the fox since bringing it out of mothballs. I was happy to be near my old times in the Saturday practice. Almost got the record in the Saturday regional, missed it by .070 I think.

I needed the driving practice in the regional, but I had a debate with Jim over running it. I needed the Sunday finish, so he thought I should sit out, take no chances. On the other hand, I think I needed to vet the car and find out the reliability issues, as well as trying to find a rhythm as a driver.

As I took the checker on the Saturday regional, I thought "ha, Jim was wrong"... as I entered the corner 1 brake zone 400 ft later and felt the booster fail, i thought "wait, sh!t Jim was right!".

So i spent the afternoon in Omaha finding a booster.

Sunday, the morning practice/qualifier was going fine until Brakke in his EP car wanted to race on my fast lap. He would end up in my blind spot for several corners, and finally I missed my brake point literally looking over my shoulder for him going into 7, bounded over the plowed field, and drove into 9 only to find no rear brakes, and locked up the front, ruining one tire, and about taking out Kopps boss' vette on the other side of ten...:mad: It's qualifying dude, and you were already slowed up.... WTF?!

Learned the mirrors need some work ...

I cut the brake line, which was strange... So i fixed it and thought I was ready for the national a half hour away.

I don't know about the "patented Watkins Jump", but I too was faked out by the starter. I waited longer than was practical, because the front row was getting way under the starter stand, then took a shot because it was either going to be green or a waive off. I clearly saw the starter go, change his mind, and stop. He was just lucky not to expose the green part of the flag. So I figured wave off, and then he threw it.... It doesn't surprise me to learn the front couldn't see the flag at that point.

Anyway, I was held up for 3 corners by the lead T1 guy, who was held up by a GT1, with wheel in my mirrors. I worked up a little gap, then on lap 4 I think, I went into 1 for a downshift and found that I had no clutch pedal. I thought the cable must of jumped off of the quadrant, but later I looked and that was still cable tied in. So, I started trying to calm down and match RPM's for up and down shifts, and eliminated going to 4th in 2 places. I had a bit of a gap by now over Jim and it didn't seem to change so things were OK for several laps, except my left leg was getting sore from left foot braking, which I haven't done for awhile.

I had a small vibration at the top end since the start, but it was getting larger. By lap 14 or so it was really big, and I stopped going over 6K in 4th. I thought the driveshaft must be coming loose. I figured I could last the race doing that and just barely beat Jim. He was closing a little but would run out of laps. Then in a few more laps, there went the brake pedal. I cut a rear line again it turns out... All I could do is slow down with the front brakes, and I couldn't downshift high in the revs because of the clutch cable... Now I knew Jim had enough to get me...

Morale of the story, inspect the car before the national.

Turns out, that I broke a torque arm mount in qualifying going off, and cut the brake line. Then, in the race, I broke the other side mount, and was working the brake line against the shock mount until it failed again. The vibration was the rear joint seeing like 20 degrees of pinion angle under acceleration. Haven't got the car out to figure out the clutch cable issue....

BUT, it was fun, got my finish, and the ole girl is showing signs that it might be competitive with alot of fixin' :clap: ... the list is huge and only 2 weeks... hmm..

Better start on it tommorrow night....:eek:

Meanwhile, it was great to meet Andy, welcome to the class. Ted is superfast in his new car, everyone lookout. And Wheel has the most reliable car. And Tim, has the best looking car out there... and what a great color...