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07-18-2005, 06:51 AM
It was pretty hot for the last race at Heartland Park before the total rebuild that will make the facility ready for the Runoffs next year. There were 10 entrants but only six took the green with Tim White losing a new engine testing at MAM on Wednesday, Bill Tucker crashing heavily during qualifying, David Guinn crashing heavily in the regional on Saturday and Jim Stevens losing his differential during qualifying Sunday morning.
Jim Wheeler Firebird 1.37.583 better than Kyle's track record
Jim Stevens new bird 1.37.812
Freddy Gaulter Camaro 1.38.606
Bill Grey Camaro 1.38.651
Gene Nicholas Camaro 1.41.465
Harvey West Mustang 1.42.156
Jeff Kopp Camaro 1.42.219
Bill Tucker Firebird 1.43.547


I got a good jump and ended up 2nd OA in the middle of three T1 Vettes. My first lap was my fastest and I got a nice lead over Grey and Freddy. I spun on lap five at turn 8, and Grey and Freddy got by. Several laps later Grey then spun at the same spot that got me, and now it was Freddy, me, Grey, Jeff Kopp. Freddy's rear tires started to give up and he went a little sideways leading on to the front straight. I was right on his bumper going over the hump and we were side by side from turn one through turn 6 (which is actually only three turns, don't ask) and I got by on the tight 90 leading on to the back straight. That's how we finished on lap 17. All races had been shortened from 22 to 18 laps for worker safety due to heat and humidity and it was flagged one lap early for a burning Corvette on the front straight.

Wheel 1.38.164
Freddy 1.39.148
Grey 1.38.908
Jeff 1.41.407
Harvey 1.41.855
Gene 1.41.600 not running

Tim White
07-18-2005, 06:03 PM
That is what happens when you test. I guess better to spin a bearing on a test day than at a race. Word to the wise, use good radiator hoses, heat is not good.

I wouldn't have added an entrant to the national race anyway as I only have a regional license. The question is will I actually finish four races this year so I can upgrade next year? :rolleyes: