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08-10-2008, 04:23 PM
Well folks what a surprise 10 Entries for the Grattan Race. * cars ended up qualifying. Kevin Langston withdrew because of selling the car and Mitchell Moeler blew his engine during qualifying on the first lap and did not get a time. Also some of us elected to get in some golf and skipped the afternoon qualifying session.


Heinricy 1:26.927
Smith 1:27. 236
Hynes 1:27.389
Muddiman 1:30.352
Lechner 1;30.647
Schweitzer 1:31.042
Von Kluge 1:31.048
Ours 1:31.048

Jason was not driving his new car as it is still waiting paint from the MId O incident. He brought out the famous Golf Ball so he couldl get the start he needed.
Jason hopes to have his car ready for the Gingerman race.


The race started out pretty good with Heinricy missing a shift and Hynes and smith able to take over going into one. Before they got to 9 Heinricy ahad gotten back around hynes and set his eyes on Kristian. They battled lap after lap until about lap 10 when Kristian left enough room going into nine and Heinricy made the move on the inside. Kristian tried several times coming on to the front straight to get back around John, but just couldn't muster enough speed to get back around John. Hynes in the meantime watched all that was going on and nevr could muster enough to get into the battle. Jason mad great strides coming up to fourth with a smoking car.

In the meantime Muddiman, Lechner and Schweitzer were haveing a great battle toward the rear, with Mark finally winning out that battle.

Heinricy !:26.450
Smith !:26.880
Hynes 1:27.232
Jason 1:28.537
Muddiman 1:29.436
Lechner 1:29.136
Schweitzer 1:30.685
Ours 1:30.846

Everybody had there fastest lap during the race.

Oh Yeah should be Grattan instead of Grattna. Where the heck is the spell check?

08-10-2008, 05:25 PM
Nice write up! Sounds like a fun weekend............and golf too??????

Was John in his Gen IV blue Firebird from last year?

08-10-2008, 09:41 PM
As far as i know it was the firebird from last year, but it looked a lot better than the way it finished at the Run Offs. :D

08-10-2008, 11:47 PM
What a weekend! Good weather for the race, I ran my fastest lap ever at Grattan, just couldnt manage to stay in front of John H.

What I really want to say is a huge thank you to Mark Muddiman. :thumbsup: I managed to somehow crack both rear (yes rear) rotors on my ride. I drove 30+ miles to the NAPA warehouse with said broken rotor... and spent 2 hours with a patient counter person with computers and books to no avail. Thats when I got a call from my wife at the track, and everyone AS driver there was checking their spares to see if they had anything that worked. By the time I got back to the track, Mark had loaned his spare rotors to Jason VonKluge, Mark Scheitzer and Co., and they had already mocked it up on my car and it worked. Without all of their help I would have been S.O.L. so guys... THANKS!:cheers:

Oh.. and not to forget my good buddies Steve Hynes and Dwaine Koscielniak.. who managed to get their trailer keys to the front counter at the golf club so I could pick them up and try Steves spare rear rotors which didnt match up with mine. Above and beyond guys... thanks again!:bowdown:

Had a good race.. Ran hard.. John reeled me in .. got me on the 12th lap.. he used 2nd gear where I was in 3rd and he jumped up alongside me and got the position. I managed for the next few laps to pull up on the outside of him at the end of the straight but couldnt do anything with it.. then.. the rear tires went away and I couldnt put any power down. At impound, the cords were showing which explained it all.... dammit!:eek:

But, the good news is.... I am officially qualified.... So guys.. see ya at Topeka!

08-13-2008, 08:17 AM
For those of you who do not know Jason or have not seen his older Fox Body car it is dimpled more that a Titliest Golf Ball. We always kid him about having an aero advantage. Kind of Like Richard Petty back in the day with the vinyl roof.