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06-02-2008, 02:37 PM
Well Miller has come and gone again. There was lots of fabulous, close, fun to watch racing:thumbsup: Just not in AS:mad:

I didn't get my car ready. Still had a hefty list to do (like seat, belts, accusump, etc!!) at T minus 8 Hrs until the start of the test day, so I had to jump in the truck and get the other cars I was hauling out there.

The good news is there were 2 AS cars competing, BOTH NEW PARTICIPANTS THIS YEAR! :cheers:

Dave Hunt in an '04 Mustang, which he pulled out of mothballs this year, had a good showing.

Mitchell Moller brought out a 3rd GEN camaro, with a grunt motor. It sounded like maybe he is planning a new motor around the heads and plans to run aggressively all the way to the runoffs! Great news!

Mitchell, I don't know if you are on the forum, but welcome to the class.:clap: :clap:

Welcome back Dave! :clap: :clap:

I ran locally against Dave a few years back. He is going to be another real threat from a newbie, with lots of previous racing experience, just not SCCA. Plus he is going to have good motors now! (Shameless self promotion!) (Cut the blowup comments, I won't be experimenting with his!!:laughing: )

Dave was several seconds per lap faster at this race, and we were dialing the car in nicely. Mitchell didn't do the test day and was the first time there.

DID YOU HEAR the World Superbike Association give the track high marks after running there the first time this weekend? They have not been in the US for four years because they like the European style tracks and didn't want to come back to Laguna. They said that Miller is the best track in the country, especially with the world class facilities and the safety, and they have found a new US home, and signed immediately a 3 year contract and are talking about an extension already!

GUYS, you are really missing out by not coming to this track!!

(Btw, we rented a garage this year for $75/day for our 3 cars, and watched F1 on one of the 6 flatscreens in the garage area that had SPEED or INDY on:D )

This is how committed the track is: We were doing a golf cart tour of the track on saturday night, and they had a FULL CREW out there after racing to enhance the grip in the hairpin and one other corner with a polymer topcoat that stabilized the top aggregate.

There was ZERO problem before, they were just making an improvement.

And BTW, instead of bitching about us being out there, they took a minute to explain what they were doing and ask us what they could do better and how we liked it so far, and let them know how this corner felt tomorrow, and good luck with continuing to learn the track!!!


Anyway, I would return to run the NASA event there but trying to possibly make the sprints!