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Tim White
04-27-2008, 11:31 PM
Saturday qualifying:

Tim White Mustang 1:45.536
Mark Beacom Mustang 1:46.840
Kim McDonald Camaro 1:53.388

Saturday race:

White 1:44.784
Beacom 1:46.308
McDonald 1:53.605

Sunday qualifying:

Track was a bit wet from the rain overnight and the cool temps, made for some strange results.

Bill Tucker Camaro 1:42.513
Jim Wheeler Trans Am 1:44.295
Jeff Kopp Camaro 1:44.354
Mark Beacom Mustang 1:45.304
Tim White Mustang 1:48.094
Ted Johnson Camaro 1:48.913

This was the first outing for Ted's Camaro, at least as Ted as the owner. He was working on it till 2:00 am. Hey, no need for sleep.

Sunday race:

Wheeler 1:42.090
Tucker 1:42.073
Kopp 1:42.813
White 1:44.056
Johnson 1:43.731
Beacom 1:44.234

04-28-2008, 02:30 AM
Tucker, Wheeler and Kopp all ran too close of times............I think they need a restrictor plate and some weight! :eek: ;) :D Last time someone ran within a second of Wheeler.............the you know what hit the you know where. These times are all the same second!

Good job fellas. :cheers: I hope you guys had a great time this weekend. I wish I could have made it but I am in Chicago on business. See you boys in Memphis.

04-28-2008, 08:17 AM
Ted Johnson has Sun, Mon, Tue off. He called in sick on Wed, Thu and worked solid all those days trying to finish up the X-Tom Wallace Camaro. His plan was to make the program for testing on Saturday and racing on Sunday. He showed up Sunday morning, with an annual from 2006 and a dead battery. We got him through tech and out for the Q session, where the car made half dozen laps before quitting. Jeff Kopp broke out my volt meter and fixed the alternator wiring and we bolted in the battery from my trailer winch, and Ted was good to go for the race. He borrowed one of my very used tires, since one of his was flat spotted down to the cords.
Kopp was not going to even race, but spent some time getting his Camaro up and running, after having it sit since the Runoffs. He was glad he did, as he had the best race ever.
My limited slip blew up on the second lap of Saturday practice. I caught a friend still in Kansas City and she brought my 3.90 to the track on Sunday, arriving while we were out for qualifying. It was damp and slick and an open rear end just didn't work very well.
Meanwhile, on the grid I looked over to see Kyle's orange Mustang. I thought, that bastard lied to me, since he said he wasn't coming. I went over to say hello when he pulled up at grid, but it was Tim White at the wheel. Best kept secret of the week since even Ted didn't know about the sale.
Bill Tucker was on pole by 2 seconds and there were a bunch of EP and BP cars between me and him. Kopp was right on my bumper.
I'll do the race commentary in a little bit.

04-28-2008, 09:48 AM
I got a good start and passed just about all the cars between me and Tucker. I let a couple of them go back by in turn 1 and 2, not wanting to cause anyone to drop off track into the mud. I was close enough to him that, with 21 laps, I might have a shot to get by. On lap 3, he dropped off the outside of 14, coming onto the front straight. I got by and had faster laps for the next three laps. Then we traded fast laps back and forth. Meanwhile Kopp stepped up into 2nd and he was faster, than I, in six of the next 13 laps. Every time I screwed up a lap, or a corner, he would get closer. I'd turn a good lap and he'd drop back a few feet. Tucker caught Jeff on lap 16 and came after me. He turned fastest lap of the race (1:42.073) on lap 17 and I turned my best lap (1:42.090) on the next lap.
So, we finished, practically nose to tail. Wheel, Tucker, Kopp, (two EP cars) then Tim, Ted and Mark, all on the same lap.

By the way, the race lap record for MAM is 1.41.709, set by Kyle Watkins, in the car now owned by Tim White.

Tim White
04-28-2008, 10:47 AM
Wheel, Tucker, Kopp, (two EP cars) then Tim, Ted and Mark, all on the same lap.

By the way, the race lap record for MAM is 1.41.709, set by Kyle Watkins, in the car now owned by Tim White.

I was going to comment on all six cars finishing on the same lap in my original post, I haven't seen that in along time. Oh yeah, I was typically one of the cars that was lapped. On driving the car previously owned by Kyle all I can say is I have to learn how to drive all over again.

04-28-2008, 11:01 AM
One other item. The paddock at MAM was a disaster, due to terrible winter and spring weather and a badly deteriorating surface. It looked like someone drove a VERY heavy truck around on a 1" layer of asphalt that had been laid over two feet of chocolate cake.
I want to send out kudos to the Paddock marshal and his folks (sorry I don't remember your name) for keeping open drive-through lanes and making room for everyone on what decent surface there was available.
Also, the trophy was, without question, the best trophy I have ever received. So, whoever picked them, did an excellent job. Thick, heavy box with clear acrylic top with cool race art.

04-28-2008, 11:39 AM
Unfortunately, due to a brush with an EP Mazda, I took an unexpected off track excursion at turn 5. Prior to that, Tim White and I some of the most intense, nose to tail, position swapping racing that I have been involved in for a very long time.

This was a tremendously fun drive.

04-28-2008, 01:09 PM
What a fun weekend!

This was my first time out for the year. The car had been sitting since the RO's with what I thought was a toasted rear diff. Turned out to be a right rear caliper with a frozen piston. I felt weird pops in the rear at the RO's and it was real bad at the end of that race. I was glad that was all it was but at the same time it made me wonder how it affected me at the RO's. Shame on me for not having the ability to know something was wrong way before now but remember I'm the guy who drove a race car for an undocumented number of races with no front sway bar (rear was working great though :thumbsup:). Anyway, I was excited to get back out again.

We got to the track early Saturday morning, unloaded, and went out for practice. Car was good right away and I only did 5-6 laps to save my tires for the race on Sunday. After the session, Wheel told me I was faster than him. Then he proceeded to tell me his rear diff had clutches slipping badly. We went to lunch and while out my wife called to see how things were going. I told her "I was faster than Wheeler today". She quickly responded with "What's wrong with his car?" No respect! :(

As mentioned, Sunday morning was still a bit damp and I went out on A's instead of the Kumhos I was going to race on. Tim's post shows the qualifying results. I managed to break a header tube before the end of qualifiying. Patched it up a while later and waited around for race time while watching Ted trash on his car to make the race. He's got an awesome sounding engine!

I'm a real wuss when it comes to race starts and a few of the Prod guys got by me. Took a few laps to clear them and I focused on running good, consistent laps. When Tucker went off, I thought I'd see what chance I had to catch Wheel and drove as hard as I could. It was back and forth but not quite bumper to bumper as Wheel makes it sound ;). I could see Tucker in the mirrors for many laps and it seemed like he wasn't gaining much. Then he quickly started catching me and I knew that once he got to me there would be nothing I could do. He got by easily. My rear tires were getting very slippery and he pulled away no problem. A couple more laps and I think him and wheel would have had a great race to the finish.

I'm excited to see what Tim can do with his new ride. I'm sure he'll "learn to drive all over again" quickly and put that new car to good use. Ted's going to be a bad-ass once he gets his little bugs worked out and some setup work done on his car. I mean, he wasn't that far off yesterday and that was right off the trailer. :eek: Always fun to race with Mark and he was right on my tail for a couple laps.

Tucker, you are the man! I am always amazed by what you are able to do with that car. Great job!

Back to retirement at least until June for me. :ciao:


Ted Johnson
04-28-2008, 01:33 PM
I would never have made this race without the help of many of my long time friends and family. Having a great car to start with what do I do? Change everything. :confused: Had ignition issues up until late saturday afternoon. It seems my msd coil and distributer didn't like the crane ignition box. And then a faulty bulkhead coil connector so just the time spent troubleshooting was killing me. The car hit the ground sunday morning at 1 am since the runoffs in 06. No time for alignment, corner weights, just zip tying up all the new wiring, and odds and ends and then clearing a path to get the car out of the shop as it was buried in the corner for the last year and a half. New motor, diff, ebay trans not knowing if it would shift or not, new suspension from springs to solid bushings, new hydraulic clutch setup that I had no idea if it was even remotely shimmed properly or not. The car barely had enough clutch engagement. I had to start the car in a gear as I could not shift it into a gear after the car was running. I just wanted to get the finish at this race and I fully expected new car gremlins. Surprisingly the car seemed to remember it was a race car and once on track it shifted ok but not great. The motor ran strong, except for the coil wire falling off in qualifying. Still with an alternator issue I can't complain for the first outing with no proper tuning I am very happy with the car. I was a dead soldier driving being so tired and not driving an AS car since 06 it was all new to me. I started at the back since I had to keep the clutch in with the car running. Tim sure had the wry smile with his new hot rod I'm happy for him. At 2 am sunday the car still was on the ground buried in dust and I had to shine her up. I had 0 energy left but could not debut with a completely filthy car. Once the dirt came off my energy level came back to clear the shop. Typically you enter the track with a clean interior and comes back dirty. My interior was cleaner after that first session clearing out the cobwebs and dirt. :) Watching gauges, smoke, bangs, clunks or explosions, none of which happened I was pleased. Oh and bedding in new brake pads as well my qualifying session was wasted as far as trying to turn a decent lap.

The tech people were very helpful in getting my annual tech done on a sunday morning national race. That is something that should be handled far in advance and I just wasn't ready. Thank you Chris and staff.

The race was uneventful for me until I see Mark coming back on track at turn 6. I had a person give me the halfway sign so I had my finishi so now its game on with Mark. We had a good dice going but I passe an EP car between us on the last lap. It might have been ex AS racer David Long but I'm not sure. So I did get to have some fun. Good racing with Mark.

All in all a good weekend and I have more work to do. Its an AS car it never ends.

Oh and Jim I forgot that that right front tire I borrowed is a 255 50, I had 275 45's on the other 3 corners. Oh well. Is that what tire stagger is all about? I need to read up on that stuff.;)

04-28-2008, 08:06 PM
Kopper......you forgot to mention anything about hot wings and Boulevard LOL :cheers: All kidding aside, I think everyone had a great time. Apologies from MVRG (I'm on the BOD) about the poor paddock conditions. They've vowed (again) too have a fix in place by our next event (RR 5/31-6/1). Congrats on getting to the track Ted :thumbsup: ............SC

04-28-2008, 10:03 PM
Kopper......you forgot to mention anything about hot wings and Boulevard LOL

That's 'cause I barely remember it! :p Nice hangin' out with you Saturday night Stan!

04-29-2008, 03:04 AM
way to go Wheel.. Tucker..Jeff and Ted.....Its great the four of you are out there and helping each other ...

BT ... great great job .....I can see you bettering your top ten at the RO;s this year ....

Ted ....amazing job getting the car and ready to go

Jeff ... you having been holding out on us have you? great times ...

and of course ..Wheel... still the one to beat..

again nice job guys..