View Full Version : BeaveRun Results - 19JUN05

Brian Wallace
06-21-2005, 03:48 PM
Summary from AS mailing list (Thanks to Pam and Dwaine for content)

Race finishing order:

1) Tom Sloe (driving Martin Shook's car) new track record 1:04.241
Steve Hynes (rumor has it this car is painted up like an Old Trans-Am car like Toth's)
2) Ray Blethen
3) Tom Brown (his new car)
4) Ken McVicker
5) Pam Richardson
6) Matt Naegle
7) Nathan Hamlisch
8) Dwaine Koscielniak (DNF - T5 WC failure) :(
9) Csaba Bujdoso (DNF, blew a motor, I think) :(