View Full Version : Buttonwillow Day 1

04-06-2008, 03:27 AM
Shepergerdes 2:03.972 3rd gen Camaro
Bailey 2:06.622 3rd gen Camaro
Kesselman 2:13.109 01 Firebird
Mohler 2:14.673 3rd gen Camaro
Qualls 2:12.569 Ford Mustang

It's late, I'm tired more on Monday!

04-06-2008, 01:29 PM
its probably one of the largest fields we have had in a long time and for a National to boot. Of the five two are from out of town ( I think Bill said Phx) so it looks like regionals should now have two steady cars. Bill doesn't race the regionals since his programs rightly focuses on National work. It was good to meet Evan and Chris.also. Bailey (the father) was nice to talk to. Too bad he dropped off the site. It seems his son is driving the car with father as crew. All Camaros and one Mudstang.... When i get my car out on the track it should be a regular field of three cars
Track weather was clear.. sunny with a slight breeze.. about in the low 70's..
The race got blackflagged on a count of two dogs deciding to make the track their playground.. Once the two were rounded up it was off to the races again.
Evan will have to expand on Sunday work .as I am home ...