View Full Version : Grattan National Results 5/15/05

05-16-2005, 07:12 PM
OK you want results. Qualifying went like this.
Brian Wallace 1:27.085
Craig Weidner 1:27.856
Kristian Smith 1:28.081
Chad Lennert 1:29.661
Andy McDermid 1:29.952
Tom Wallace 1:30.286

Qualifying and the Race were under dry conditions.

Can't give much of a description of the race as I can only tell you what I saw when being lapped. First time bye Brian Wallace was leading Craig Weidner with Tom Wallace a close third. (Thus the signature "In the Back and Lookin Good") Second time bye Weidner was leading with Brain Second and Tom third. This was the way it ended.
1. Craig Weidner
2. Brian Wallace
3. Tom Wallace
4. Jason Kluge
5. John Payne
6. Chad Lennert
7. Fred Hetherwick
8. Ken McVicker
9. Dwaine Koscielniak
10. Kristian Smith (Broken Brake Line)
11. Andy McDermid DNS. Andy was out Qualifying on Saturday in a Black
Fox Body #68. Think he was just out testing it for someone. Although
he did qualify the car 5th.

05-31-2005, 09:49 AM
Phil Smith won at Memphis, with Carey Grant Second and Ed Setttle third, all in Camaros.
Not times or details available