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04-24-2005, 08:20 PM
You name the weather we had it, Are we having fun yet? Saturday Rain, Qualifying was terrible track was very skitish and sliperry all the time it was snowing although a few did turn in good laps. Some elected to run slicks instead of rains, which would have been allright if we weren't held on the grid so long as to let it start snowing again.This is the way Qualifying went.
1. Chad Lennert Camero
2. Brian Wallace Camero
3. Andy McDermid Mustang
4. Tom Wallace Camero
5. Ed Hosni Mustang
6. Yngver Brynildssen Mustang
7. Darren Stanley Mustang
8. Kristian Smith Mustang
9. Fred Heatherwick
11. Jason Von Kluge
12. Dwaine Koscielniak

Now for the good part. Because of several inches of snow overnight which had caused parts of the track to be covered. Decisions had to be made. Race officials along with the drivers decided to run after they had cleaned the track, with the help of workers with brooms (My hat is off to them out there in a steady 30 mile an hour wind and wind chills in the 20's so supposedly we could have fun.) Anyway back to the decision, it was decided to shorten the races to 15 laps under a full course yellow behind the pace car, actually 2 pace cars as they combined all 8 groups into 4. The first group went out at 12:00, needless to say we were group 4. This was basically so everyone could get a start and finish. We ended up running 8 of the 15 laps which constituted a race seeing as the SOM shortened the races to 15 laps. Anyway here are the final results, several drivers elected not to participate.

1. Chad Lennert Camero
2. Brian Wallace Camero
3. Tom Wallace Camero
4. Ed Hosni Mustang
5. Yngver Brynildssen Mustang
6. Darren Stanley Mustang
7. Kristian Smith Mustang
8. Fred Heatherwick Mustang
9. Dwaine Koscielniak Mustang

If anyone else has anything to add go right ahead

04-24-2005, 09:01 PM
Sounds like a piss-poor race weekend :( How much practice did you guys get in, since that would've been your only chance on running at somewhat full race pace on the track (qualifying too).


04-25-2005, 07:41 AM
Practice heck why practice it was rain tires all weekend, except for the brave souls that tried slicks, had guys 90 degress side ways, spinning you name it, none the less no damge to anyone, seems everyone had there heads screwed on.